The best educators are always learning new ways to help their students grow. But as a homeschool parent, you’re faced with a huge number of decisions about your children’s education – and there are no teacher in-service days to help you sort everything out.

That’s why Homeschool Mastery Academy was created. Our team of experts will train you to be a well-organized and effective homeschool leader. We’ll help you to create the best educational experience for your family – without hours of research and confusion.

Through Homeschool Mastery Academy, you’ll find:

  • Courses, webinars and other tools to help you homeschool with ease
  • Personalized homeschool coaching, tailored to your family’s unique situation
  • Printables, curriculum options and other resources you can use today to enhance your homeschool
  • Blog posts with tips and support for every style and stage of homeschooling
  • Community with Your Virtual Homeschool Group

Whether you’ve just started homeschooling, or you’ve done it for many years and are searching for something better, Homeschool Mastery Academy’s experts are here to give you simple, actionable tools designed to help you and your kids shine.

Meet Our Team

  • Courtney Messick, Founder

    Courtney Messick is a homeschooling mother of three who works as a speaker, homeschool coach & consultant, homeschool community leader and blogger at Grace, Grow & Edify.

    She’s coached new and experienced homeschoolers on how to streamline their homeschooling process, focusing on implementing organizational strategies and identifying individual learning styles. Her goal is to help every member of the family embrace homeschooling with authentic joy and a passion for learning.

    Courtney designs delightfully different curriculum here at HMA and is a homeschool community mentor for Your Virtual Homeschool Group

  • Joan Concilio, Technical Support

    Joan Concilio is the owner of Technical Penguins, a full-service web development, design and content management firm that she runs with her fiance, Dan Herman, in Pennsylvania.

    Joan has also homeschooled her teenage daughter, Sarah, for many years; they write about their unschooling experiences at Unschool Rules.

  • Ashley Fox, Creative Content Collaborator

    Ashley Fox is a mother of three and homeschool enthusiast fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. Drawing on a background in elementary education and graphic design, she shares engaging lessons, learning resources, and ideas for family organization on her website, The Homeschool Resource Room.

  • Renée Brown, Creative Content Collaborator

    Renée Brown is a wife, mom, homeschooler, blogger, and freelance virtual assistant. She has a heart for writing, cooking, and caring for her family. You can read more about her family and homeschooling life on her blog: ReneeatGreatPeace.com.
    As a Virtual Assistant, Renée offers help to overwhelmed bloggers and small business owners. Whether it’s helping to create content, editing, or managing social media accounts she helps them to bring a bit of peace to their monthly task list.

  • Kay Chance, Creative Content Collaborator + Homeschool Community Mentor

    Kay Chance homeschooled her two sons for 15 years. Now that they are in college, she blogs at Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling where she encourages and equips other homeschooling moms to thrive as they nurture faith, deepen relationships, and simplify homeschooling.

    She is also the author of the Middle School Extensions for the Trial Guide to Learning series and Content Coordinator for Homeschooling Today Magazine.

    Kay designs delightfully different curriculum here at HMA and is a homeschool community mentor for Your Virtual Homeschool Group

  • Elaine Mingus, Content Contributor

    Elaine Mingus has been a homeschool mom since 2009. She juggles seven children, a husband and two blogs – Supersized Family and Radical Christian Woman.

    Supersized Family is designed to give helpful tips to parents with more kids than hands, while Radical Christian Woman offers practical tips for radical faith in a lukewarm Christian culture.