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Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

At Homeschool Mastery Academy, you will find educational printables, curriculum, courses, workshops, resources, and personalized coaching to help you build a homeschooling system that's right for YOUR family.


The best educators are always learning new ways to help their students grow. But as a homeschool parent, you're faced with a huge number of decisions about your children's education – and there are no teacher in-service days to help you sort everything out.

That's why Homeschool Mastery Academy was created. We are passionate about helping you become a well-organized and effective homeschool leader. We also want to help you create the best educational experience for your family as possible – without hours of research and confusion.

Through Homeschool Mastery Academy, you'll find:

  • Courses, workshops, and other tools to help you homeschool with ease
  • Personalized homeschool coaching tailored to your family's unique situation
  • Printables, curriculum options, and other resources you can use today to enrich your homeschool
  • Quality blog articles with tips and support for every style and stage of homeschooling
  • Support with our online Homeschool Community

Whether you've just started homeschooling or done it for many years and are searching for something better, Homeschool Mastery Academy is here to give you simple, actionable tools designed to help you and your kids thrive.

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Courtney Messick

Courtney Messick, the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy, is a homeschooling mother of three who works as a writer, educational curriculum & content creator, and homeschool consultant.

She coaches new and experienced homeschoolers on streamlining their homeschool processes, focusing on implementing organizational strategies and identifying individual learning styles. Her goal is to help every member of the family embrace homeschooling with ease and cultivate a love of learning at home.

She has been published in Homeschooling Today Magazine, is a proud member of iHomeschool Network, blogs at Grace, Grow & Edify is a content creator for ChalkPastel.com, and has guest podcasted at Cultivating Grace.