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Why An ACT Online Course Will Boost Your Teen’s Skills and Confidence

Whether you have homeschooled a while or have just begun, you will eventually need to tackle the ACT test. You may be wondering what the heck is the ACT? Or if your high schooler knows what it is, he or she may be dreading it. Whatever the case, we will inform you and point you towards the only ACT Online Course you will need to help you prepare. 

An ACT Online Course is not only perfect for preparing your teen for the actual test, but they will learn so much more along the way! #ACT #testprep #homeschool #highschool #homeschoolcurriculum

What Is ACT?

I know many of us may have never heard of an ACT test. Don’t let it intimidate you, though. It’s not as scary as it may sound or seem. 

The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the U.S. The ACT test covers four academic areas: English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning. It also has an optional writing test. It is a multiple-choice exam and tests students on college-level work.

The ACT is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Most colleges don’t indicate a preference for the SAT or ACT exams and take both equally. 

ACT Online Course

Who Should Take The ACT?

Students Planning to Attend College – If your high school student is planning to attend college, then preparing for the ACT is just wise. We all know that by preparing for a test like this in advance, your student can leave test-taking anxiety behind. Once they have taken plenty of practice tests and know what to expect, they can focus on the test and do their absolute best. 

Students with Test Anxiety – Even if your child is unsure if they will take the ACT or attend college, an ACT online course is still an excellent idea. There are many life skills learned by taking College Prep Science’s ACT Prep Online Bootcamp that will be beneficial for your student. More on that in a bit!

Homeschoolers – Unfortunately, many homeschoolers have loads of self-doubt when it comes to testing. It’s not that they aren’t intelligent, quite the opposite, but because they don’t have a lot of testing experience, they can get a little worked up about taking any standardized test. It’s understandable because, unlike public schools, homeschooled students aren’t forced to take periodic tests for any reason. Our homeschoolers just aren’t as familiar with testing, nor do they feel comfortable in that area. This is another reason why preparing with an ACT online course can help them better understand the testing and preparing for college entrance exams. 

ACT Online Course

Here Is How College Prep Science Can Help:

Now comes the exciting part! College Prep Science is a fantastic go-to for all of your ACT prep testing needs. We have used them before for our online science and online science labs. So we are already big fans. 

College Prep Science has proved a worthy and solid source for homeschool science, and they are now offering an ACT Prep Online Bootcamp. It is so well done that we wanted to tell all of you about it. 

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My oldest is a sophomore, and I thought it might be time to start preparing for the ACT. She has always homeschooled, and we haven’t dabbled in many standardized tests at all. 

Like many of you, I want her to have a stress-free test-taking experience, and the best way to do that is to prepare in advance. So that is where College Prep Science’s ACT Online Course comes in handy! 

Not many homeschool parents that have teens are familiar with the ACT, so honestly, I have no idea what to expect or even know where to begin when it comes to the ACT. 

Luckily, College Prep Science’s professor Greg Landry knows everything we need to know about this intimidating test. Whew, what a load off to know that I could depend on him to help prepare my high schooler for what is to come. I know many of you can also appreciate a stress-free approach to teaching a subject you feel less knowledgeable about. 

ACT Online Course

ACT Online Course

ACT Online Course

What To Expect With the ACT Online Course from College Prep Science:

  • Preparation – Professor Landry leaves no stone unturned. During this ACT online course, your student will learn so much about studying and preparing for a big test like the ACT. He covers everything! As a homeschool parent, you will appreciate all of the information covered in this one course; it is truly invaluable. 
  • Practice – Practice makes perfect is true! Your student will get the opportunity to not only prepare for the test but learn how to practice and perfect their score. Professor Landry gives his students important tips for test-taking in general and specifically for what to focus on (or not) when it comes to the ACT test. This level of practice and preparation will build so much confidence in your child that they will be fully ready by the time the actual test time comes. 
  • Resources – As I mentioned before, we have used College Prep Science for science classes online, and labs and every class they offer have all of the resources to help you make the most of the course. College prep Science has a podcast for parents, FREE resources to help you teach, and more. Not to mention, their online classes are some of the easiest to navigate. They make sure you have everything you need!
  • Quick-Paced Course – The ACT Prep Online Bootcamp moves quickly, but that is another benefit I wanted to mention. The ACT Prep Online Bootcamp keeps your student on their toes, much like college. I loved the fact that the deadlines approached quickly; I think that prepares your kids for some college-level courses that will be similar. Learning to manage your coursework and keep pace with the class is an important life skill that our teens need. 

We hope this gives you some encouragement that you can tackle the ACT with a bit of help even if you aren’t familiar with it at all. Use the expertise of College Prep Science so that your student can not only do well on the test but learn a lot of valuable information in the ACT Prep Online Bootcamp along the way! 

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