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20 Excellent Activities For Kids At Home All Day

Whether you are taking a homeschool break or maybe you are in-between educational sessions, occasionally, we need some fun activities for kids at home all day. Kids can quickly become bored, and we parents could use some quality ideas for keeping them engaged. There is nothing wrong with keeping a few ideas on hand for when you need them.

Kids can easily become bored, and parents need quality ideas to keep them engaged. Here are some activities for kids at home! #activitiesforkids #ideasforkids


Here are some of our favorite activities for kids:

  1. Hands-On Activities are the best for children who love working with their hands and creating. We have a fantastic e-book with step-by-step instructions for some of the best crafts for kids, like yarn and string art, paper crafts, quilling, weaving, and more!

Hands On Crafts for Kids


2. Children love books, and another way to enjoy the book long after it’s over is to create crafts based on the book!

3. Preschoolers naturally learn through play. If you have a preschooler at home, we have a full year of hands-on exploration perfect for the early years. 


Preschool Activities


4. Kids love a good science experiment. Here are five fun science experiments that you can easily do at home.

5. Sewing projects are a great way to use your hands and learn a new skill. Here are 20 easy sewing projects for kids.

6. Finger puppets are not only fun to make but spark the imagination of children of all ages.

7. Tinker boxes are fantastic for children of any age, and you can customize what’s inside. We are huge fans of putting together a good tinker box for hours of exploration! You can even snag a free idea list for creating a tinker box for early learners here.

8. Is your child interested in coding? They can enjoy all types of resources to learn coding at home.

9. You can learn a new language and use your hands! Yep, enjoy learning American Sign Language through games.


American Sign Language + Preschool Blended Learning Course


10. Play Nature Games! Nature games are perfect for combining nature and learning fun.

11. Speaking of nature, make fingerprint art. Kids absolutely love making these fingerprint bugs and insects.

12. Sensory trays are great for kids toddler ages through early elementary. Check out these sensory tray ideas.


sensory tray

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13. Tangrams. We have four seasons of printable Tangram puzzles. Talk about learning fun!


Printable Tangrams: Four Seasons Puzzle Mats

14. Books. Reading is a wonderful past time. We have some great book lists for Weather, American Sign Language, Autumn, Educational, and Holidays.

15. Fun educational activities. We have ten fun activities with an educational twist.

16. Summer boredom busters. If you need a summer routine and outdoor ideas to enjoy…this is for you!

17. Life skills. Life skills are necessary, and also fun to learn. There is nothing wrong with incorporating some simple life skills into your day. 

18. Art. You don’t have to be “artsy” to give your kids access to quality online art classes. Check out these resources for teaching/learning art at home. 

19. Board Games. Enjoy board games with your preschoolers, or nature games the whole family can enjoy.

20. Hobbies. Invest in your child’s hobbies and foster their natural interests with activities for kids at home. By following their lead, you may be surprised at what your child is interested in learning more about.


We hope this list gives you new ideas and inspiration for more activities for kids to enjoy at home all day. What else should we add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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