It's Time to Explore Arctic Animals for Curious Preschoolers

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It’s Time to Explore Arctic Animals for Curious Preschoolers

Your preschooler will love learning about arctic animals this January. Learn outdoors and in with hands-on activities, crafts, and engaging children’s literature all about winter!

In this pack, you’ll find crafts and activities to encourage your child to learn and explore while gently introducing early reading, math, and science concepts and practicing fine motor skills through play.

It\'s Time to Explore Arctic Animals for Curious Preschoolers! Learn with hands-on activities, crafts, and engaging children\'s literature! #arcticanimals #preschoolathome #winterthemes


Arctic Animal Themed Books & Activities for Preschoolers

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

You will love exploring the Arctic with Aloo-ki and the friendly Polar Bear family. One of our very favorite Jan Brett books, this enchanting story with beautiful illustrations is sure to capture your little one’s attention!

After reading the story, create your own miniature arctic world with instructions from You Clever Monkey. Is it snowy in your area? Grab a few handfuls of snow or chips of ice to bring this small world to life!

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Join a little girl and her father on an owling adventure on a still, quiet winter night. This gentle adventure is a great read on a blustery winter night. Can you hear the whoo-whoo-whoo of an owl, too?

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This book is the perfect inspiration for a late evening walk. Can you hear animals or other sounds in the night? Take a look at the winter sky as you walk in the light of the moon. At home, create a glow-in-the-dark moon mobile and learn some new moon vocabulary with instructions from Left Brain Craft Brain.

Tracks in the Snow by Wong Herbert Yee

Follow a little girl on her adventure as she follows animal tracks in the fresh snow. What animal do these tracks belong to? Your preschooler will be tickled when they find out!

Head outside to find tracks in the snow or make your own! If the weather doesn’t allow it, create your own tracks indoors with a fun activity from Totschooling.

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