asl for preschool

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See Why ASL For Preschool Makes Perfect Sense

American Sign Language is on the rise. Homeschoolers are using ASL for preschool, and it makes perfect sense. Combining hand signs as your children learn the alphabet –  exercises both sides of the brain, resulting in optimal brain functioning. But the benefits don’t stop there, let us explain why American Sign Language is perfect for the early years!


asl for preschool

By starting a foreign or second language early on you are setting the stage for your children to have larger attention spans, become better multi-taskers, and even test better as they get older. But first let’s examine some of the benefits to learning American Sign Language in preschool through early elementary.

Benefits to Learning American Sign Language in the Early Years

  • The brain will function at it’s best when both sides of the brains are exercised.
  • ASL works well with a majority of learning styles.
  • Because ASL combines sight and movement we can create more pathways to the brain, thus strengthening our memory.
  • ASL can help with speech development or delays, lower frustration for children who may struggle to communicate, and boost their confidence.
  • Children can learn to manage their feelings sometimes by increasing their means to communicate.
  • Using your hands as an early learner helps children who struggle to “sit still”. Learning should be fun and at Homeschool Mastery Academy we want kids to enjoy education. Learning with your hands helps create more excitement and keep things a naturally “wiggly”.
  • It’s common in preschool to use themes as you introduce new topics or concepts. By pairing themes with ASL we can seamlessly add a second language into what you may already be learning at home


For these reasons we have created a unique early learning experience by combining American Sign Language with preschool.


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An experience that includes:

• Movement
• Early Literacy
• Beginning Math Concepts
• Hands-On Activities
• Memory Games
• Sensory Fun
• Recommended Books
• Printables
• Additional Resources
• Themes
• Lesson Plan Template
• And More!

Learn More About Happy Hands American Sign Language + Blended Learning Course HERE

Happy Hands American Sign Language + Preschool Blended Learning





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