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Still Not Convinced? Here Are The Best Benefits of Homeschooling

When it was time for our oldest to enter kindergarten, we signed him up at a local private school. We knew that public school wasn’t a great fit for him, but we also weren’t convinced homeschooling was right for our family either.

Just three weeks before he was to start kindergarten though, we decided to give it a try. I’m so glad we did. We have found so many unexpected benefits of homeschooling, and not just for our kids!

The Best Benefits of Homeschooling

The Benefits of Homeschooling for Your Children

Getting a customized education. One size definitely does not fit all. As your children develop you’ll discover that each one has a different mixture of personality, interests, aptitudes, and even attitudes. Homeschooling gives you the chance to respect those differences and give them an education as unique as they are.

Learning how to learn. When kids go to public school, their minds are filled with whatever the state or school thinks they should know. Teachers have a list of standards that they are expected to meet, and so there is a lot of pressure for kids to be able to pass standardized tests.

But what they often miss out on is the chance to learn how to learn and not just what to learn. Teaching kids how to learn gives them the tools they need to be life-long learners—not just “test-passers”.

Living life in the real world. When your children are homeschooled, they don’t spend day-after-day with children of the same age. Often you’ll find homeschool children of all ages hanging out together like people do in the real world. And they’ll have the chance to experience life with you as it happens.

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The Benefits of Homeschooling for You

Learning right alongside of your kids. I don’t know how many times while teaching my kids I thought, “Well now I get it!” Or how many times I’ve discovered that a subject I thought was boring in high school was actually fascinating. These learning moments helped me to discover new interests of my own.

Watching them “get something” for the first time. Do you remember the excitement you felt when you watched your children take their first steps? Or when they said their first words? When you homeschool, you’ll continue to be there for so many more of those “firsts” as well as the “ah ha” moments they experience as they learn. It’s fun to be there and see it for yourself—and to know that you even had a part in those moments.

Setting your own calendar. You don’t have to be ruled by the school calendar and schedule. Does your husband work odd hours? No problem! They can spend time with dad when he is home. There is no law that says kids have to learn from the months of September through May from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. You get to do what works for your family.

The Benefits of Homeschooling for Your Family.

Traveling off-season. Rates for activities, museums, and hotels are cheaper, the crowds are smaller, and the weather is often much more comfortable. Add this to the fact that you can count vacation as a field trip, and you have the perfect excuse to drop the books and go and see and do when everyone else is stuck at school!

Building family relationships. Do you have to homeschool to do this? Of course not, but having plenty of time together certainly helps. Sitting around with one another listening to a good book being read aloud, sharing in learning experiences, and working through the inevitable disagreements that come up will help you build your relationships with one another.

Navigating homeschooling can be scary in the beginning, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Hear some advice about navigating homeschooling from veteran homeschool moms!

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