Bird Study For Kids

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10 Ideas That Will Make Bird Study For Kids Way More Exciting

Bird study for kids does not have to be boring! We have collected ten exciting activities to include in your bird study that will have your kids learning and enjoying birds. In addition to that, we have added some fantastic resources that will help you further your study of birds while having tons of fun.

Not sure why you should add bird watching to your day? There are some amazing benefits, but spending time in nature is our favorite. A little nature each day can help you slow down and appreciate all that it has to offer us.

Bird Study For Kids

  1. Creating a Bird Watching Station in your own backyard is a great way to get started on a bird study.
  2. These printable 3-part cards will help with bird identification while you are Observing & Learning About Backyard Birds.
  3. Keep the birds coming to your bird watching station with these Apple Bird Seed Homemade Bird Feeders.
  4. These Bird Seed Ornaments are perfect for attracting birds to your backyard trees and make great decorations too!
  5. These charming Bird Identification Pages will help you identify all of the birds in your backyard.
  6. Keep track of the different birds that you see in your backyard with these Printable Pages for Bird Observation.
  7. These beautiful Bird Coloring Pages are the perfect addition to your nature study journal.
  8. This fun Bird Beak Experiment will have you eating food like a bird to discover why birds have different beaks.
  9. With these Bird Migration Lesson Plans you can discover where your backyard birds came from and where they are going.
  10. Round out your bird study with this 54-page pack of Backyard Bird Notebooking Pages that includes coloring pages, writing pages, and research pages.
  11. We added a bonus idea! Check out this All About Robins Unit Study to learn all you can about robins.


We have the perfect educational addition to elementary bird study too! Grab our Bird Writing & Drawing Prompts here. 

Birds Writing and Drawing Prompts

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For More Fun Learning About Birds – Include Some Chalk Art or Acrylics!


Check Out Some of Our Favorite Fun Bird Study Resources for Kids Too!

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