camping experience with family

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How to Have an Amazing Camping Experience With Your Family

Wanting to spend some time camping this summer? But you’re afraid it’s going to be a disaster? Camping can be an amazing experience for your family. With a little preparation and a little help from a camp planner, you can have the camping experience of your dreams.

Camping Experience with Family

Discuss Camping with your Children

A little preparation goes a long way, if your children have never camped they may be scared or resistant to the idea. Talk with them about what camping will be like, what they will experience, highlight the fun things but don’t avoid things that they may be afraid of or unsure about. Open the conversations and answer them honestly.

Pack Special Snacks

What is camping without special snacks? Smores and roasted marshmallows are some good standby goodies but branch out and find some more fun treats to share on your camping adventure like walking tacos and campfire chili. Camp food can become long-lasting traditions in your family.

Pack in Case of Rain Activities

No one likes rain when they are trying to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes even if you check your local forecast, rain happens. Make sure you pack some things like card games, dice games and mad libs to wait out the rain. Rainy afternoons are also a perfect time for naps and storytelling. Some favorite family memories can be made waiting for the rain to pass. Here are some of our favorite nature games.

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Special Bedtime Rituals

When it gets time for bedtime, it is important to try to keep at home bedtime rituals consistent at camp. If you typically read books before bed, bring a few books to read at bedtime. Having some consistency can make the unfamiliarity of sleeping somewhere new less frightening and will help your kids settle into bed easier.

Use a Camping Planner

Let’s face it, planning a camping trip can be a lot, but you don’t have to do it all alone. You can use a camping planner to help you get organized and make sure you have a truly memorable camping experience. We have a Camping Planner that makes planning your camping trip so easy. The Camping Planner includes a comprehensive packing checklist, a camp meal planner and grocery shopping lists, along with lists of your favorite camping spots and places to try in the future and so much more.



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We hope that these tips will help you have an awesome camping experience with your family! If you are planning a staycation, here are some ideas to help keep it educational.

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