Career Exploration for Homeschool

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Career Exploration Guidance, Help, and Curriculum for Homeschool Teens

My daughter is an eleventh-grade homeschooler, and boy, have we noticed a shift recently when people address her lately. In her earlier youth, family and friends were happy to see her exploring her personal interests. But more recently, she has been bombarded with many of the same questions. Questions like, “So, where are you going to college?” and “What are your plans after high school?” Usually, we wouldn’t pay these types of questions any mind, but the truth is, we honestly don’t know yet. 

Find out what motivates your homeschool teen and begin a journey of career exploration with TruSpark's assessment and curriculum. #homeschool #careerassessment #highschool #middleschool

We aren’t against having a plan after graduating; we have just been pursuing her passions over the years and focusing on completing her high school career. But, now more than ever, we have felt a little pressure to choose a more definitive path for after high school. 

High School is The Perfect Time for Career Exploration

My daughter is a very hands-on and creative young woman, and four or more years of college doesn’t appeal to her at all. I personally don’t think that there is anything wrong with aspiring to be a wife and a mother if she chooses to do so. Although, many families believe that college is the only path to success. As an entrepreneur, I have worked for myself most of my life. My daughter has witnessed that there are different ways to earn a living and other opportunities besides pursuing a college degree.

Rather than require her to attend college, my husband and I prefer that she choose a career path that will make her happy long-term. We want her to live a fulfilled life no matter what that might mean for her. We also don’t want to send her out into adulthood with a tremendous amount of student loan debt.  

So, with all of that said, we decided that now was a good time to start exploring which career paths she might want to follow. We weren’t sure where to begin, but luckily we found TruSpark. TruSpark has helped us find solid options for our teen to pursue after graduation. We were thrilled to find out she had more options than we had initially thought of too!

So whether your homeschool teen is planning to pursue college or not, TruSpark is a wonderful tool to help them narrow down a path for future success. Let’s chat about how TruSpark works

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Find out what motivates your homeschool teen and begin a journey of career exploration with TruSpark's assessment and curriculum. #truspark #homeschool #careerassessment

What is TruSpark?

TruSpark is a unique career exploration curriculum and assessment all in one. TruSpark’s career assessment is based on your teen’s core motivations. Your teen can find out what motivates them at their core so they can discover career options based on their personal interests. So interesting, right? It is a fantastic tool to use in career exploration for homeschool. 

I found this fascinating, and I think that even children who think they know what they want to be should take the assessment. We found a few options for my daughter that we hadn’t even thought about yet. But based on her personal interests, some new ideas emerged for us to explore. 

Career Exploration for Homeschool

How TruSpark’s Career Assessment and Curriculum Work

  1. First, your student will take an assessment with questions that determines what motivates them. What brings them joy, what drives them, and why they do what they do. Core Motivators are critical to finding a career your child will enjoy. There is nothing worse than going to a job that you dread every day. There are so many ways to pursue a future that you will enjoy; why not do so?
  2. Then your child can take that information and dive into more Career Exploration by accessing near a thousand real-life occupations. This is a wonderful way to learn more about what types of job fields and various careers are out there. 
  3. Another part of the TruSpark curriculum is working through whether or not potential careers would be a good fit. Your student will narrow down some of their career choices and bring all they have learned together in the Live Out Your Purpose stage.

Why Use TruSpark in Your Homeschool

  • The results are based on decades of research. With over sixty years of scientific research, you can feel confident that TruSpark will deliver solid results. 
  • The curriculum is story-based, so this exercise will also help your child learn more about themselves. The story-based questions will not only help your student explore career paths, but it is an excellent tool for personal development. Since each student’s story is unique, you can rest assured that the results are too. 
  • To piggyback off the above benefit, you (the homeschool teacher) can learn a lot about your children through this process and use what you know inside your homeschool too! It’s perfect to use as a career exploration for homeschool tool and to take the knowledge of the core motivators and apply them to your homeschool now. 
  • Besides the three levels of assessment and curriculum, your student will get a journal to brainstorm as they work through the process. 
  • The results are quick. Each of the three modules are no more than 45-90 minutes long. So your students can work through the curriculum in a day or less than a week and have a clear path to pursue or quality career ideas to explore further. 

Find out what motivates your homeschool teen and begin a journey of career exploration with TruSpark's assessment and curriculum. #homeschool #careerexploration #homeschoolhighschool

We can’t say enough good things about TruSpark. Now, when bombarded with questions about our daughter’s future, she has a better grasp of how to answer. Not only that, knowing that she has multiple options to pursue has helped our entire family feel more confident about her future. 



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