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The Best Coding App for Kids to Start Learning Programming Concepts

Digital technology is as important as ever in the world we live in. Most jobs and past times are all somehow connected to technology in one form or another. That is just one reason why coding is such a valuable skill to learn. 

If your family is like mine, you may limit screen time and carefully monitor your child’s online usage. If you are a concerned parent, these things are entirely natural. But I also allow my children to enjoy a handful of learning apps, and I can’t wait to share one of our favorites with you today. 

If you haven’t heard of codeSpark yet, hang on to your hats! It is currently the best coding app for kids on the market. codeSpark has done a wonderful job disguising coding through fun interactive games! So much so, my kids don’t even realize they are learning. I often think games like this are the best because your kids are just learning through play, taking away any academic pressure. Leaving time for creativity, play, and still absorbing so much education. 

CodeSpark is our favorite coding app for kids! My elementary boys love how creative the game is they don't even realize they are learning. #homeschool #coding #codingforkids #apps

When our kids naturally learn new skills or information through play and exploration, it’s a win-win for us as parents. 

Let’s chat more about codeSpark and see if your family could benefit from using it at home or in your homeschool. 

Is codeSpark a good fit for your family?

codeSpark is perfect for homeschool families and families that utilize public or private schools that do not offer a coding program. 

The codeSpark coding app for kids was designed for children around 5-9 and works for most elementary-aged students. 

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If your child loves video games or online interactive learning activities, they will undoubtedly love this coding app for kids. 

There is no downside to learning how to code. As a parent, I want my children to have as many opportunities as possible as they get older and begin to choose colleges, jobs, and various programs. I know many of you feel the same way about your children. Coding and programming knowledge can only open more doors for their future. 

Coding App for KIds

What we love about using codeSpark in our homeschool:

  • My boys are currently 7 and 8 years old but have been using the codeSpark coding app for kids for about a year or more. We love that it’s fun and engaging! The creators of codeSpark have done a fantastic job of creating a learning app that my kids could easily play all day long if I allowed it.
  • codeSpark is onto something when it comes to teaching our children the basics of coding while they are young. If you are worried about introducing your children to coding too early, don’t. There is no better time than now to teach your children to code and learn the basics to understand it better later in life or build upon what they have learned.
  • My kids are practicing and learning other essential skills that will come in handy in our tech-driven world. I didn’t realize that my kids were learning everyday skills quickly through codeSpark, skills such as dragging and dropping, for example. Sadly, I know adults who don’t know how to do this, and I bet you do too. I can’t in good conscience send my children out into the world without basic skills like these. 
  • codeSpark is affordable! There are a lot of different apps and games out there that might be able to teach you how to code, but codeSpark is one of the best because the content is quality. And kids love it. When I say your kids will love it, you will have to pry the iPad from their little fingers; they will want to keep playing! lol
  • My kids are creative when they use codeSpark; besides playing games, they are encouraged to create their own games, and if you choose, other children can play the games your child created. The only limit they have is their own imagination!

If you want to try a coding app for kids, I highly suggest beginning with codeSpark. And because I am so confident your kids will have fun while learning to code, we have teamed up with codeSpark to offer you a FREE Trial.

Click here to snag a 7-day FREE trial and get coding today!

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