Teach Color Wheel

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Fun Activities that Teach the Color Wheel

Teaching the color wheel is a great way to introduce art for the school year. Even if you have done the color wheel before a quick review will help your kids remember things like complementary colors, analogous colors, primary colors, secondary colors and understanding the order of the rainbow. 

Teach Color Wheel

Teach the Color Wheel by Mixing Colored Water

Using food coloring in the primary colors  and cups of water, you can mix different color combinations and naturally discover secondary colors.

Tip: Use vocabulary words like primary colors and secondary colors to describe what you make. This is a great introduction activity to the color wheel and works from kids in pre k through elementary discovering colors. 


Learn the Color Wheel by Introducing Complementary Color Art 

Complementary colors live on opposite sides of the color wheel. In this project have your child use geometric patterns to alternate complementary colors. This will give a stunning piece of geometric art and it will help your child to find complementary colors. 


Match the Color to Reinforce Learning Colors 

Match the colors is a fun way to get your kids involved in a scavenger hunt-like adventure to match colors on the color wheel.  Go sound and first call out and point to a primary color. Your child can race around the house and find as many objects in that color in a short amount of time. Repeat with all the primary colors and then do the secondary colors. When you are all finished see if your child can arrange their finds in a color wheel pattern or a rainbow pattern. 


Grab Our Color Wheel Pack to Teach the Color Wheel at Home

Unlock a world of vibrant creativity with our exclusive Color Wheel Pack! Designed to make learning about colors both fun and educational, this pack comes with interactive printables. Your little artists can chart their colorful journeys, exploring and recording every hue and shade they discover.

Dive into the art of color theory with your kids and experience what could be the most joyful and memorable journey of the year. Embrace the joy of teaching the color wheel – it’s not just an art lesson, it’s an adventure in color! Teaching your kids art and the color wheel can be incredibly exciting. 

Color Wheel Activities Pack

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Utilize Art History for Kids to teach art at home. They will introduce your children to interesting artists, use critical thinking, and suggest open-ended projects. It’s a fantastic program and resource for teaching art to kids of all ages. You can try a FREE month-long lesson plan here! It’s a great investment for homeschool families.

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