Homeschool Planning Workshop

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Module 1 Welcome! Introduction to the Workshop
Lesson 1 Welcome and Introduction Video  - Preview  
Lesson 2 How to Get the Most Out of the Workshop  
Lesson 3 Choosing a Planner that Works for You and Not Against You  
Lesson 4 Download Your FREE Homeschool Mastery Planners HERE  
Lesson 5 Bonus Homeschool Planners & Workbooks  
Module 2 Prepping Before You Plan - What You Need to Plan Effectively
Lesson 1 Planning with Your Unique Family and Lifestyle in Mind  
Lesson 2 Learn to Create Master Lists and Use the Curriculum You Have  
Lesson 3 Blending Your Homeschool and Life For Less Stress  
Lesson 4 Routines, Rhythms and Schedules - What's the Difference and Why Does it Matter?  
Lesson 5 Bonus Content - How To Choose Curriculum with Confidence  
Module 3 Overview of a Few Planning Methods Worth Using
Lesson 1 Planning Methods - Looping  
Lesson 2 Planning Methods - Time Blocking  
Lesson 3 Planning Methods - The Dashboard  
Module 4 Homeschool Planning
Lesson 1 How To Leave Margin In Your Plans  
Lesson 2 Lesson Planning and Curriculum Planning  
Lesson 3 Make Sure You Are Ready  
Lesson 4 Plan With Me! Example Year or Big Picture Plan  
Lesson 5 NEW Guided Planning Session  
Lesson 6 What's Next? Homeschool Planning  
Module 5 A Little Chat About Organization and Clean Outs
Lesson 1 Let's Chat Organization & Clean Outs  
Module 6 Super Simple Maintenance
Lesson 1 Time Management Tools  
Lesson 2 You CAN Maintain This