Dinosaur Printables

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Dinosaur Printables That Will Boost The Fun In Your Homeschool

What is it about dinosaurs that kids love so much? Um, pretty much everything, right? Giant lizards stomping around the earth roaring; of course, kids love them. Dinosaurs are a lot of fun to explore. But did you know learning about dinosaurs is a perfect way to practice other skills too? With our latest dinosaur printables, you can amp up your learning at home! 

Dinosaur Printables

Dinosaur Memory Match

Memory Match games are perfect for improving working memory. Working memory is the ability to temporarily hold information in your head, like a phone number, until you can write it down. But working memory is an essential skill for learning as well. Math and Reading both rely heavily on your working memory. The best thing about working memory is that it can be improved with practice. It isn’t something you have, or you don’t have; you can improve working memory. And memory match games are a great way to exercise that muscle and get it stronger. 

Paleontology Files 

Paleontology Files are also included in this dinosaur printable pack. With those, your child has to read and process nonfiction information and facts and then relay them onto these ultra-fun worksheets. So you will also be working on handwriting, nonfiction writing, and research skills. 

Dinosaur Fun Fact Cards

Your child will work on nonfiction reading, scientific understanding, and meaningful discussions in the dinosaur fun fact cards while learning about dinosaurs like T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, and so many more. Use them to start conversations like “Did you expect a velociraptor to be that small?” and “Why do you think it’s called the arm lizard?” Use it as an opportunity to research things even further as they are interested. 

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Kids loving dinosaurs are almost universal. It’s a great way to learn something fun and develop skills that they carry over into other areas of their lives, like improving working memory and having meaningful, fact-based conversations. 



Dinosaur Elementary Pack


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