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What Is An Eclectic Homeschool and How To Get Started


What Exactly is Eclectic Homeschooling?

Eclectic homeschooling in our humble opinion is the best option for any homeschooler who likes to color outside of the lines. You can embrace more than one method of home educating and blend all of your favorite resources for a custom education.

Here at Homeschool Mastery Academy, we believe that education is entirely customizable. We encourage homeschool families to find the methods that best fit their lifestyle. We also recommend you tailor a curriculum to each child’s individual learning styles.

Cultivating life long learners is the end goal. And how you do that with each child will look different. Eclectic homeschooling completely embraces that philosophy. You can fall in love with multiple methods of home educating without committing to only one.

eclectic homeschool

Benefits of an Eclectic Homeschool

  • Seasons inevitably change with life, and your curriculum will need to be flexible. With eclectic homeschooling, you can shift homeschool methods as your life, or your student’s needs change.
  • Each child is unique and can have an education custom tailored to how that child learns best. Your curriculum can grow with your family as that child grows.
  • Eclectic homeschooling is a privilege because you can choose all sorts of delightful books, games, resources, and use them; however, it works best for your family.
  • Eclectic homeschooling is versatile. You can be an eclectic homeschooler on a strict schedule, flexible routine, or relaxed groove.

Eclectic homeschooling merely means you prefer a hodgepodge of various resources. It also means you do not want to be constrained to one type of homeschooling method. With many other methods of home educating you are encouraged to teach a particular way or use a specific curriculum to stay true to that method or style of homeschooling.

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But with eclectic homeschooling, you can begin by blending resources from your top two, three, or four homeschooling styles. There are so many beneficial elements to each method of homeschooling; it makes sense to pull from those you love and blend a unique recipe for homeschool success.

List of Available Methods of Homeschooling to Choose From:

Interest Led/Child Led
Charlotte Mason
Unit Studies
Traditional Schooling – School at Home
School in a Box

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How To Get Started With Eclectic Homeschooling

  1. It is wise for you to research the methods that you find most intriguing. Dive into the methods of home educating and determine if the styles you are drawn to will mesh well with your family and lifestyle.
  2. If you haven’t already you will want to uncover what type of learning style your children possess. That will give you an excellent insight into how your child learns and whether or not each method pairs well with how your students learn.
  3. Once you know how your child learns and what styles you are leaning towards you might also want to consider your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is a huge part of homeschooling that easily gets overlooked when determining how you will home educate. But we need to examine carefully how we do life and make sure that the way we choose to home educate blends well with our lifestyles opposed to disrupting it or causing unforeseen problems.

With a bit of research and due diligence, you can decide on what method of homeschooling will work best for your family and lifestyle in no time. You will save yourself so much time and frustration by starting the homeschool process off right!

Use Our Eclectic Homeschool Quick Start Guide to Save Time and Ensure You Don’t Miss a Step

Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling

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