Family Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

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Your Simple and Exciting Family Lesson Plan For Kindergarten Age Range

Families come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of people and relationships. Some families are really big, and some families are really small.

But regardless of who is in your family or how big it is, you should celebrate it.

And we have an excellent Family Booklet to help your children celebrate the uniqueness of your family.

This family pack has activities to help you to learn more about your family and build a stronger family connection. Our collection of printables is the perfect family lesson plan for kindergarten too. Children, preschool through early elementary will love these simple yet exciting activities.

Family Lesson Plan for Kindergarten - A full printable pack for learning all about your unique family for children preschool through early elementary. #myfamily #family #preschool #kindergarten #lessonplans #firstgrade

Teaching Our Children How To Celebrate Their Unique Family

In the family pack, you will have the opportunity to draw a picture of your whole family or add a photo of your entire family, depending on the child’s ability and desire.

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You will also get to map out a family tree to help children understand relationships in their family. It’s a good time to discuss things like inheriting attributes and characteristics. It also allows children to visualize their grandparents in the role of their parent’s mom and dad.

Included is a big chart to write down family birthdays so that no one’s special day is ever forgotten. Include grandparents, aunts, and uncles, even cousins. There is room for the whole family.

We all know that gratitude is a great way to improve feelings and become more positive. So what a better way to practice gratitude than on the next page of our booklet, a sweet writing prompt page that lets your child discuss all their favorite things about their family.

It’s not a family booklet without a page dedicated to your family traditions. Traditions are the amazing memories that we get to pass down to generations to come. Many of our family members we celebrate now are from generations past, and some are people we never had the opportunity to meet. Traditions are truly a golden thread through time that keep a family together.

Take some time to learn about your family with your child while filling out this fantastic family booklet together. Every page is an opportunity to grow stronger as a family.


My Family Printable Pack

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