family games with preschoolers

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10 Games You and Your Preschooler Can Easily Enjoy Together

Gametime can be such a fun and inviting way to spend time with your family.  Think of all the activities that encompass playing games…conversation, action, thinking skills, logic skills, teamwork, friendly competition, following directions…and that’s just a few!

Being able to enjoy time together, with your children, can be difficult at times.  The go-go-go of today can often overshadow the ability to take a step back and connect in the moment.  It can be a challenge to find ways to slow the pace and concentrate on one another, but it is doable.

One way is to find games to play together.  In thinking specifically about the children in your home, there are games that are appropriate for all different ages ranging from teen to preschooler. Enjoying family games with preschoolers can be exciting for them and enjoyable for the whole family.

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family games with preschoolers


Need a few ideas for some awesome and fun games to play with your preschooler?

Here are 10 recommendations that may be a blast for you and your preschooler to play together!

Yeti in my Spaghetti.  Think of Jenga but with the food here…It’s a wacky and fun game based on putting noodles in a bowl and placing the yeti on top of those noodles.  Then, take turns pulling out the noodles one by one without letting the yeti fall through those slippery strands. It’s a big hit with kids of all ages, and so much fun that it actually received the game of the year award.  If you like spaghetti and all things yeti…this may be a great choice for you!

Educational Insights Pancake Pile-Up! Relay Game.  It’s a race to the pancake plate!  This interactive game is sure to cause laughter as you and your children race to build the pancakes perfectly and exactly as described on the card.  Teaches the ability to follow directions, hand-eye coordination and encourages a lot of physical movement as well.Order up!

Lunch Box Game.  A modern game of memory with a twist to also learn about healthy nutrition.  An easy to learn and play the game, with each game lasting mere minutes depending on the speed of the child.  Fun, quick and simple for all!

Melissa and Doug Smarty Pants Preschool Card Set Education Activities with 120 Brain-Building Questions, Puzzles, and Games.  A fun learning game for children full of cards and questions to challenge their knowledge.  There are mazes, tongue-twisters and other fun learning activities jam-packed on each and every card.  Great way to learn and play together!

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Zingo-Bingo with a Zing!  Who doesn’t love the game of Bingo?  What about with an added zingy twist?  Instead of numbers, it has pictures and the word to match the drawn tile.  Encourages the want to learn to read and play together!

Learning Resource Avalanche Fruit Stand Game.  Don’t let the fruit spill out of the stand!  The fruit is stacked, and then comes the time to spin the spinner.  Based on the spin, the player then has to add a piece of fruit, or take away a piece of fruit with the tweezers included….beware of those falling bananas!

The World of Eric Carle Let’s Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game.  Based on the ever so popular Eric Carle book, enjoy transforming your caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with counting, collecting, and building.

Don’t Wake Daddy.  We all need a midnight snack…right?  In this silly game, the goal is to tip-toe past sleeping dad to get to the fridge for a snack.  Watch out for those loud obstacles along the way!

Perfection Game.  A good ol’ race against the clock and placing shapes in the spaces where they belong.  Hurry before the timer POPS!

Connect Four.  A classic, but a goodie!  Try to block the path of your opponent to make your 4 connections in a row!  Use that strategy!

Whatever games your child wants to play together, just sit and enjoy playing with them!  Interactive play with your preschooler is a wonderful bonding experience.  Embrace that time together and enjoy laughs and teamwork as well!


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