Fish Faces

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More Colorful Fish Faces And Exciting Ocean Life Facts 

Ah, ocean life! It is truly an exciting topic to study for everyone, no matter how old you are. Especially when covering elementary science, you have to spend some time dedicated to marine life. Colorful fish faces and underwater photos are a must. 

Luckily, we have children’s books like More Fish Faces: More Photos & Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish by Tam Warner Minton – it’s the perfect addition to your sea life studies. 

Kids are completely fascinated by this book! It is full of vibrant underwater photos and marine life they have likely never set eyes on before. 

Your children will be blown away by all of the interesting facts about different fish and sea life. We think More Fish Faces is a fantastic non-fiction book to add to your unit studies about the ocean. 

Fish Faces and Ocean Life Facts

More Fish Faces Is A Sea Life Education For Kids 

More Fish Faces introduces you to the author, who happens to be a scuba diver. Tam Warner Minton travels the world capturing these amazing photos underwater. After that, your children are encouraged to find a list of awesome places on the map where many of these photos were taken. We love that geography is included in the book too!

Next, your children will get an introduction to how they might contribute to saving the ocean. There are so many small and practical steps that we can take daily to help save the ocean. 

More Fish Faces make children feel that they, too, can contribute in multiple ways. There are some wonderful suggestions included that we should definitely take into serious consideration. They suggest simple ideas such as carrying reusable water bottles or buying sunscreens that are safe for the ocean and its inhabitants. Children will love that they can make wise choices to do their part. The topic of saving the ocean might also be a catalyst to study that more in-depth. 

Then onto lots of fascinating photos of various fish, different species, and fun facts. Your students can easily get lost in this educational book. You might, too; it’s easy to do!

Fish Faces


Ideas For Using More Fish Faces In An Ocean Unit Study

• Use the list of locations mentioned in the book to identify on a map. Find maps of the locations and color or label them. 

• Search documentaries about the locations on the list. You can add to learning about the culture, climate, and sea life in each area. 

• Dive further into information about saving the ocean. Make a list of ways your family can make small changes that can help make an impact on healthier ocean life. 

• Research what it means to eat sustainable seafood. Are there any foods that your family should be more mindful about eating? 

• Choose an animal (or two or three) in the book to fully research and create a report about. 

• Make a list with your five favorite facts you found in More Fish Faces and share it with your family at the dinner table. 

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• Search YouTube for more videos about any of the fish you found interesting. 

Fish Faces

These are just a few ideas to help you expand More Fish Faces at home. We think it’s definitely one to add to your homeschool library too! Don’t forget to snag All Fish Faces: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fishalso by Tam Warner Minton. 



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Fish Faces and Ocean Life Facts

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