spring flowers books for preschoolers

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Spring Flowers Books & Activities for Preschoolers

Your child will love learning about flowers with these spring books for preschoolers. Learn outdoors and in with hands-on activities, crafts, and engaging children’s literature all about spring flowers.

In this pack, you’ll find crafts and activities to encourage your child to learn and explore while gently introducing early reading, math, and science concepts and practicing fine motor skills through play.

spring flowers books for preschoolers


The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Eric Carle has a special way of taking a close-up look at nature. This book gently introduces the life cycle of a plant. Follow the adventure of The Tiny Seed through the seasons as it drifts away on the wind and finds a place to grow and thrive.

Observe plants in nature with your child on a nature walk or taking a closer look in your own back yard. Can you find plants, seeds, and flowers at different stages? Then create your own book with the Life Cycle of a Plant Booklet from Worksheet Place.

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbon’s books are some of my very favorites for preschoolers. The vivid illustrations make science concepts approachable for even very young children. In From Seed to Plant, your child will learn how plants sprout and grow and take a look inside a plant.

Don’t be afraid to use the plant vocabulary with your child. If they can say Tyrannosaurs Rex, they can say Pollination!

You’ll see many plants blooming and sprouting in nature this month. Plant your own seeds and watch them germinate on your own windowsill! You’ll find simple, visual instructions on sprouting bean seeds in the book, or try this similar experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands.

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Oh Say Can You Seed: All About Flowering Plants by Bonnie Worth

The Cat in the Hat makes learning fun and engaging for preschoolers. He knows all about plants, flowers, vegetables and rhyming! This is the perfect book pairing to read after you plant your own seeds. Travel forward in time to see what will happen to your beans in a week and two months. Then shrink down and see how your plant makes it’s own food!

The Cat talks about all kinds of food that plants make. Spring is a great time to visit a local farmer’s market, farm, or find seasonal fruits, vegetables, and beans right at your grocery store! When you get home, sort out fruits and vegetables for a hands-on activity or try it with a fruit and vegetable picture sort from MPM School Supplies.

Snag the Spring Flowers Books for Preschoolers and May Calendar of Activities.

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