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Awesome Games That Will Help Kids Learn Typing For Free

Here at Homeschool Mastery Academy, we are all about making education fun and enjoyable. We also believe that children can benefit from knowing their way around a keyboard, especially in a world full of digital technology. That’s why we are excited to share with you not one, but two places you can access free typing games.

Learning to type does not have to be boring! Actually, it can be a lot of fun. Not just for kids, take a quick typing test to see what I mean. You might be challenged to brush up on your own typing skills, too, if it’s been a while. Luckily, these typing lessons are not the ones you remember from your childhood; they are definitely more exciting.

For most of us, computers and online education are a part of our daily lives as homeschoolers, so it only makes sense to allow your child to learn to type. Better yet, it makes sense to teach them the correct way to type from the beginning.

We are thrilled to tell you all about KidzType because we think it’s a fantastic free resource for homeschool families. But first, let’s chat about why learning to type is a good idea for your homeschool.

FREE Typing Games

Typing Is An Important Skill To Learn

In our current world of online resources, your student will inevitably require some typing skills. Many courses and classes are now accessible online, and children need at least basic typing knowledge to participate.

You don’t want to see them struggling to use a keyboard, that might distract them from the actual lesson or focusing at their best levels when learning online.

Besides, you may also want your child to possess more than just basic typing skills to help prepare them for college and future jobs.

Here are more reasons you should teach your student typing skills in case you aren’t convinced:

  • Computing skills are vital in our current day and age. We are living in a world of e-mail, instant messaging, and google searching – typing is an essential life skill.
  • Learning how to type can boost your student’s independent learning skills.
  • Touch typing is a wonderful way to improve mental focus.
  • Students that struggle with writing by hand can surely benefit from learning to type. Typing out reports or assignments may help reduce the stress and anxiety of handwriting them instead.


Now that we know the benefits of learning to type let’s talk about why KidzType is awesome for typing lessons and free typing games.

KidzType uses games and an interactive Dance Mat program for touch typing – making learning to type fun! Because learning can be enjoyable.

Kids will love practicing with Dance Mat typing games. KidzType takes your student through a step-by-step process of learning typing basics, and they will move up to each new level by learning and building upon new typing skills.


Free Typing Games


KidzType is interactive, paired with colorful graphics to help keep kids challenged and engaged. We love that KidzType is guided, so children can easily follow along without the help of an adult.

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You can browse all of the free typing games for kids from KidzType to get an idea of where to start. You can start from the beginning or pick up at the skill level your child is comfortable with.


Typing Games for Kids


We told you that we were going to share not one, but two free typing programs today. So without further ado, we also want to introduce you to TypeDojo, a sister site to KidzType.

You can also find free typing lessons and typing games for kids. In addition to free typing games and lessons, TypeDojo has free typing tests and speed typing tests. Typing tests can be challenging and exciting for kids. If you are anything like me, you might even have a little healthy typing competition with your students!




Both TypeDojo and KidzType are great for all ages. Whether you have beginner elementary typists or teens looking to speed up and improve their typing skills, you will be please with all of the typing resources provided for free.


Free Typing Games for Kids


We encourage you to go check out KidzType and TypeDojo today! They are excellent free typing resources to add to your eclectic homeschool curriculum.

Typing Games for Kids

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