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Hands On Learning Activities That Will Expand the Mind

Not all crafts and activities are created equal! Sometimes the best possible crafts to use in your classroom or homeschool are the ones that double as exciting and educational. We have ten crafty hands on learning activities for students that they are sure to love.

Hands On Learning


  1. Inspired by the rich colors of the Bengal Tiger, this 3-D Paper Weaving combines the traditional craft of weaving and learning about Bangledesh.
  2. Learn the placement of the planets in the Solar System with this Paper Mache Solar System Craft idea.
  3. Create a unique shirt and learn about the science of solar prints with this Sun Printing on Fabric project.
  4. Bring your unit study to life when you Build A Wigwam while studying Native American history.
  5. This Erupting Volcano is the perfect educational craft that will blow the minds of both young and old!
  6. These Layers of Earth Bowls are both a creative piece of art and educational.
  7. Create beautiful works of art with sugar and learn about Barbados while Painting with DIY Corn Syrup Paint.
  8. This Mason Bee Habitat is a great addition to a Bee study, a fun craft for all ages, and helpful to the Bee population.
  9. Learn about primary and secondary colors while creating a fun Dr. Seuss inspired piece of art with this Color Mixing Truffula Trees project.
  10. Learn How to Make a Corn Husk Doll for a hands-on educational activity or a fun, Fall craft.


We hope you and your children have a memorable time creating and learning together!

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4 thoughts on “Hands On Learning Activities That Will Expand the Mind

  1. Lisa Dorsett says:

    Wonderful activities to keep busy and they are awesome! These activities are great for the children! Thanks for this post!

  2. I love the variety of activities provided. Some of them I’ve heard before, but several are new… I know that incorporating hands-on activities into our study it really helps the kiddos feel engaged in the learning process.

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