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5 Fun Science Experiments For Kids To Do At Home

Are you and your children sitting around the house watching TV? Are you trying to come up with something fun, exciting and educational to do together? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ll go over the top five fun science experiments for kids at home.


Fun Science Experiments

1. DIY Rocket Engine


Ready to do some rocket science? Okay, probably not. But you can build your very own tiny rocket engine with just a few simple ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to prepare:

  • Get a small mason jar
  • Cut a small hole (big enough for your pasta piece) in the lid of the jar
  • Fill the jar ¾ full of hydrogen peroxide
  • Add in a quarter teaspoon of yeast
  • Place the lid on the jar, but DO NOT use the screw in lid
  • Place your pasta piece over the hole

Once it’s all set up, use a match or lighter to light up the area above the pasta. You’ll get to see the pasta “engine” light up. Just be sure to practice fire safety with this experiment!

2. Sugar Rainbow in a Tube


This simple experiment will give your child a magical rainbow to enjoy, and it’ll also let them see for themselves how density works.

  • Get four different plastic cups.
  • In the first cup, add one spoonful of sugar. Add two sugar scoops to the second cup, three scoops for the third and four scoops for the last one.
  • Then, add 60 ml of warm water to each cup and allow all the sugar to dissolve.
  • From there, put food coloring in each cup. Now, you can layer these waters in one tube. The heaviest (and sweetest) color will go to the bottom, while the lighter colors will float on top.

3. Magnetic Dust in a Jar


Who doesn’t love magnets? If your children are fans, then this experiment will be a blast!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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  • A small jar
  • Iron oxide filings
  • A little water
  • A powerful magnet

Simply put the iron oxide into the jar and then fill it to the top with water. You’ll need to wait a few hours for the iron to absorb the water. Once it’s finished, you can put the magnet on the outside of the jar and watch the iron fluid follow.

Recent research proves that active learning leads to an increase in overall school performance. With that in mind, let your children help you set this experiment up so they can enjoy the whole process.

4. Slimy Science


If you have kids, then you already know how much they love playing with all forms of slime, putty or playdough. Why not bring their love of these strange substances together with science by letting them create their own? This process is much simpler than you’d think!

  • Simply mix together some glue, water and food coloring.
  • Throw in some borax to the mix, and a goo-like substance will begin to form. Your kids can also put in some decorative extras like glitter into the mix to personalize their own slime.

5. Elsa’s Ice Castle


By now, every parent has memorized the ‘let it go’ lyrics from the Frozen movie. Now, you can use your child’s love of Elsa to conduct an at-home science experiment! With a little preparation, you and your child can build an instant ice castle just like Elsa.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to set up the experiment:

  • Get a bottle of purified water
  • Place the purified water bottle into the freezer for a little less than three hours
  • Freeze a few ice cubes

When it’s time to play, simply grab a few pieces of ice and put them in a bowl. Take the purified water out of the freezer, and slowly pour it atop the ice. The water will freeze instantly!

After these simple DIY science experiments, your kids will likely be begging you to come up with some more fun ideas. If you have a science lover on your hands, then you may want to consider purchasing them an age-appropriate science kit this holiday season.

Creating the Scientists of the Future with Fun Science Experiments

Teaching your child about science is crucial for their development and for their future. These top five fun science experiments for kids are the perfect way to bond with your child while teaching them at the same time. Give one a try and then come back to our comments section to let us know how it turned out!

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Fun Science Experiments

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