Garden Planning for Kids

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Ways To Make Garden Planning For Kids A Wonderful Experience

Gardening is a fantastic learning opportunity for children. It helps that you can garden all year round and incorporate learning about every season too. A great way to include gardening into your homeschool is to do garden planning for kids. Allowing them to join in the planning of the garden is an education in itself. You can teach your children so many excellent life skills when it comes to growing your own food and flower gardens.

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The Importance Of Garden Planning

Why are somethings great, when they are not planned, and others are not? Gardens are one of those things that do need a little planning to help them turn out the best possible. Today we want to share some tips and ideas that may help you to include gardening in your homeschool plans.

You’ll Know What Veggies You Have

When you just throw some seeds in the ground and forget what you planted, that can cause some garden trauma for yourself. When you plan a garden, you actually know what is planted in your garden. You can look at your garden plan and know exactly where you put what. It’s pure genius!

Homeschool Tip: Allow the kids to help you with the plan. You can give them a plot for themselves to plan and garden throughout the season. They can experiment and track their progress to find out what they grew quickly and what may need better planning next time.

Easier Start to Finish

If you are someone that enjoys having a plan, then you’ll enjoy planning your garden for one reason. I have found that a garden planner can help from start to finish. You’re able to see your garden plan and then watch it come to life. I don’t know if you like things to be easier or not, but if you do, then a garden planner can help you plan every single detail of your garden.

Homeschool Tip: Planning is a life skill too. Learning to put together a plan beforehand and execute it is a great skill to learn. The hands-on part is where more of the fun comes in! Let your kids help plan what to grow and exercise their critical thinking skills.

Planning Your Garden Offers More Control

Sometimes a garden tends to have a mind of its own. You have all these crazy ideas and try to plan them all at once. A garden planner takes your best ideas and helps you put them into place. I’d say you have more control when you use a garden planner than when you don’t. You’re able to see what seeds you have and even plan where you plan on planting everything.

Homeschool Tip: Let your kids record a hypothesis of which plants they think will grow faster or better and compare results at harvest. Or assign a project beforehand and have them research what types of plants grow best in their area. They could also read up on various plants and the best practices for growing them locally.

The next time you are wondering if you should just throw your garden together or if you should plan it, always go the planning route and always include the kids. You can even use this printable garden planner to help your family plan the ultimate garden!



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