Hands On History Ideas

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Hands On History Ideas That Will Make Your Homeschool Fun

History can be one of the most fascinating subjects! But it can also be one of the most difficult to teach to children that learn best hands-on and immersed in the lessons. With a good plan in place, you can have a lot of fun teaching your child history in a hands-on way that they will connect with and remember for years to come.

Hands On History Ideas

Hands-On Ideas For Teaching History

One of the best ways to get hands-on with history is to take part in reenactments and historical events near you. These events are often held at historical locations and designed for history lovers to have fun and get the opportunity to bring their love of history to the community. Most groups love when kids come to observe and play along. Here are more ideas to help you find historical events and trips in your area.

Have your child build a building, boat, or invention to allow them to get hands-on with history. Building a colonial village is a great way to get a group of kids working together. Each child can study a part of what made each village function and give a small presentation on everything from the blacksmith to the general store.

Have your child dress up as someone they are studying in history. This can be done without spending a lot of money by having them get creative upcycling things around the house and taking a quick trip to the local resale shop to dig up some items for their costumes. Have them act out a skit about the person they dressed up as or write a speech to give as their character.

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Use art to teach history. From learning about artists and recreating famous pieces of art to drawing their own historical maps, there are many great ways to use art for hands-on history lessons. Exploring history through art is a great way to help your child connect with abstract concepts like history points that they did not see for themselves.


The Best Way to Research the U.S. Presidents is with Notebooking Pages

Use art and notebooking to learn about presidential history. Notebooking is a fun and creative way to learn while documenting facts in your own notebook pages. Your kids can decorate the pages, create notebooks dedicated to a time period or particular point in history, all while exercising their own style. Add in some presidential art to your notebook too!

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