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Heroes of History Books That Will Positively Influence Your Family This Year

Choosing books that will inspire my children and positively impact them has always been my focus as a homeschool parent. Carefully curating a home library for our homeschool has been a rewarding experience, especially when you notice that the stories, books, and characters you share will constructively influence your family.

That is precisely why we love YWAM’s Heroes of History Books! Homeschool Mastery Academy is teaming up with YWAM Publishing to offer you a special bundle that will influence your family with positive and encouraging stories of heroism. These are the stories that can and will impact your homeschooler’s life.

If I have learned anything over the many years that we have homeschooled, it would be to continue putting wholesome books and solid content in front of my children.

In the world that we are living in today, there is no better time than now to shine a spotlight on the doers, helpers, and encouragers from history. 

There is no better time than now to shine a spotlight on the doers, helpers, and encouragers - the heroes of history.  #history #homeschool #historybooks #historycurriculum

3 Reasons To Add Heroes of History To Your Homeschool This Year

  1. Living books are wonderful for teaching history naturally. One of our favorite things about the Heroes of History biographies by YWAM is that they are living books. You may have heard the term living books before, but if you aren’t sure what that means – living books are books that are alive. Alive in the sense that the books engage and inspire your readers through bringing the topic to life. Your children will be captivated by the stories of these heroes, and they are perfect for assigning as readers or for reading aloud with the entire family. 
  2. Assigning wholesome readers with courageous stories will inspire your children to do more extraordinary things. By immersing our children with stories that encompass goodness, we can influence them for the better. There is much to compete with these days when it comes to movies, books, and media. Our precious children are often presented with stories and ideas that don’t align with the Bible. We love that each one of these Heroes of History biographies by YWAM includes stories that showcase God’s plan for their lives. You will see God’s hand in the lives of each of these human heroes that made a significant difference in the lives of many. 
  3. Heroes of History books spark curiosity and a desire to learn more. Since you can teach history naturally with living books, Heroes of History biographies by YWAM are perfect for sparking interest to learn and know more. You can easily create an entire unit study around each book and use it as an affordable history curriculum. We will add a few ideas to get you thinking creatively about how you can use this set of books to learn so much more than you realize. 

There is no better time than now to shine a spotlight on the doers, helpers, and encouragers - the heroes of history.  #history #homeschool #historybooks #historycurriculum

Ideas For How You Can Make A Unit Study or History Curriculum with Heroes of History Biographies by YWAM

You can assign each of the books as a personal reader for your student or use them as a family read-aloud in your homeschool. We have specially chosen this 5-pack of paperback books from YWAM (normally $49.95) for just $30 for a limited time for the followers of Homeschool Mastery Academy! And FREE Shipping! 

Set Includes:

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • George Carver
  • Billy Graham
  • Ben Carson
  • Theodore Roosevelt

Then decide what subjects you want to incorporate. Remember to adjust these to fit your family and the ages or levels of your learners. Here are just a few ideas: 

History: Create a timeline of each historic hero’s life. This can be done simply by writing it down with dates in a spiral notebook or creating an entire timeline that can be posted visibly. Note things like the birth date, significant events, date of death, and anything that stands out to your student. Research any event that you may want to learn more about. For example, if you are fascinated by George Washington Carver’s story, you may want to dive into more about slavery. Or read more about pioneer life and the settling of the United States if you are captivated with the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder. There are so many topics that will naturally come up for you and your children to explore more. 

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Geography: Allow your student to look up places mentioned in each book on a map or globe. Keep a spiral and jot down facts about particular areas, like the population then versus now or why that place was essential to the hero’s story. Research more about specific locations where events took place, and look up pictures online to see what the city or town looked like then versus now. Watch documentaries about countries or states that were significant to the story. 

Language Arts: Create copy work from inspirational quotes from these amazing people and their stories. Or make a spiral for vocabulary, and every time your student comes across a word they aren’t sure about – look it up in the dictionary and write down the definition. Or make spelling lists based on words that are inside each book. You can assign age-appropriate writing prompts and research ideas to your children too. For your high school students, they could write a summary essay once they have completed the book. 

Fine Arts: Search out art, music, and cultural influences from each time period. See what composers were making popular music during that time or what type of art was all the rage. What was inspiring and influencing their culture during that time? What books were people reading at that time? 

Science: Look up with your children or assign them research projects about science during the period of the book you are reading. What inventions were coming out? What types of discoveries in medicine were made during the time? Who were the inventors of that period? 

Heroes of History

There are so many ways to utilize this set of books in your homeschool! These are just a few ideas to help give you some inspiration to make them your own. 

Let’s equip our children with examples of people who made a difference!

Grab your HEROES OF HISTORY set for Homeschool Mastery Academy Followers HERE.

Have any other creative ideas for using Heroes of History Books from YWAM? Share them with us in the comments! We would love to hear more ideas. 

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy

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