High School Science for Homeschool

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Not Sure How to Do High School Science for Homeschool, Help is Here

How I feel about homeschooling high school has evolved over the years. I have not been one to outsource too much during the fourteen years I have homeschooled my oldest. My can-do attitude has fueled my motivation to teach just about anything, and I would like to think I have done a pretty good job of it. But, honestly, when it comes to high school science for homeschool, I just don’t have the level of enthusiasm I could have. 

Please don’t misunderstand me; I absolutely love everything about homeschooling. It’s science I don’t have a passion for. Most parents have a subject or two that they don’t have a passion for teaching. So rather than drudge through teaching a subject that I just don’t enjoy – I outsource it! That doesn’t make me a lousy homeschool teacher; instead, I think it makes me wise.

I know from experience the damage a parent can do by approaching homeschooling with the wrong attitude and expectations. I have also learned that my children learn so much better when the material is presented from a place of excitement and energy. 

Fortunately, there is an online science resource for homeschool that I have one hundred percent confidence in. College Prep Science is one of the best options when it comes to online science courses and labs for high school. My family has happily used College Prep Science for a few years now. 

Professor Greg Landry is top-notch when it comes to science teachers. So, if you are looking for a quality educator that you can fully entrust your child’s education, College Prep Science is for you. 

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Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing High School Science for Homeschool to College Prep Science

  • If you aren’t enthused and eager to teach high school science in your homeschool, allow a qualified teacher like Mr. Landry to teach your students. When your child hears and sees science material presented excitingly, your student is more likely to be interested in learning and doing more. You definitely will do more harm than good if your approach to teaching science is to suck the life out of the subject. (I can say this because I have been there.) Teaching by inspiring and sparking curiosity is what most students need to succeed.
  • Maybe you don’t have the time to teach a complete science curriculum at home. If you focus on teaching core subjects or a select curriculum, you may need more time or a break by allowing College Prep Science to cover high school science for homeschool. There are no hard and fast homeschool rules that say you need to teach every single subject. 
  • College Prep Science lives up to the name. Professor Landry has created a solid online science curriculum that will undoubtedly prepare your teen for college. Whether or not your student is planning to attend college after high school, learning some valuable skills for higher education can always be applied in life. 
  • Professor Landry is an expert in his field. You can rest assured that he is knowledgeable and teaches your children exactly what they need to learn. There are times when it might be in everyone’s best interest to leave it to the experts. That is the case for me; I enjoy teaching so many topics and subjects – but my brain goes into overload talking about chemistry and physics. I am not gifted in the sciences; that’s where College Prep Science comes in to save the day for me. 

High School Science for Homeschool - Should you outsource science in high school? See why this might be a great idea for your family. #highschool #homeschool #homeschoolscience #highschoolscience #sciencecurriculum #onlinescienceclass

College Prep Science Offerings for Homeschoolers

Virtual Labs

Just about every state requires some type of science lab in order to graduate high school. In many cases, homeschool families don’t have easy access to all the materials and resources that you may need to conduct proper science labs at home. Sure, you can order a microscope, dissection kits, and all the other necessary items, but we all know these things can quickly become costly. Not to mention messy! So to save your family from all the mess and hassle, let me introduce you to virtual labs. Yes! College Prep science offers online science labs for chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, and physics. 

Online Science Curriculum

Homeschool Chemistry Lab

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High School Virtual Chemistry Lab

Live Online Classes

Like many of you, I wanted an online science class with a live teacher to engage my student. Pre-recorded lessons are great too, but the accountability of having a real-time class works better for some students. They perform better knowing that they engage and follow alongside the teacher and fellow classmates. Professor Landry’s live online courses are similar to most higher education classes in that the students can chat and ask the teacher questions in real-time. They have assignments with due dates and required work to pace with the class, preparing them well for college courses. 

Quality Teacher

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I don’t outsource much. But when I do, I need to know unequivocally that I can entrust my child’s education to the course or teacher. My children have used College Prep Science for elementary science, ACT Bootcamp, Virtual Chemistry Lab, and more. We love College Prep Science for many reasons, but Professor Greg Landry is at the top of our list. He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. I personally love that he is Christian; he teaches from a creation perspective and adds little touches that I respect, such as beginning classes with prayer. You can read more about his background here

High School Science for Homeschool

In-Person Labs

If your student needs to earn a high school science lab credit, they can do it in one weekend with College Prep Science. I know! It’s such a fantastic resource that saves time for parents and students. College Prep Science offers a full lab credit in exchange for a weekend of science lab work in areas all over the United States. You can check the in-person lab schedule here. It’s also an excellent opportunity to connect with other homeschoolers! My oldest attended the in-person science labs in 2022, here is a full review of how it went. 

If your high school student needs to take a science class, I highly encourage you to visit College Prep Science. Once you decide to outsource your science needs to Greg Landry, you and your kids will feel the difference. My family has been extremely pleased with Greg and his curriculum. Please leave a comment below with any questions you may have. Don’t forget to grab your freebies from College Prep Science here!


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