History Field Trips

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How To Find Awesome History Field Trips In Your Area

Field trips are one of the best ways to get hands-on with kids. One subject that can really benefit from field trips is history. By using history field trips to teach your child, you allow your child to make meaningful connections to the past, immerse themselves in the experience of life before their time, and will enable them to remember what they are learning better than ever.

History Field Trips

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Here are 7 Easy Ways You Can Find History-Based Field Trips Near You

  1. Check online for historical reenactments, renaissance festivals, or ghost tours. Facebook events and Google searches are a great way to find these activities in your area. The best terms to search for history field trips are historical monuments near me, museums near me, and reenactments near me.
  2. Make friends with your local historical society for history field trip ideas. Historical societies hold regular events as part of their mission to preserve the history of an area. This is a great way to get a heads up on tours, historical museums that may be opening up, and other activities that can be used to teach history. Many of these groups would love to have your children volunteer and learn while they help out.
  3. Stop and check the historical museums marked on the side of the highway when traveling. This is a great place to take your rest stops as kids can learn and explore while the driver can take a break. Historical road signs are usually marked with brown and can easily be seen as you are driving. You could also plan a family staycation and explore the historic areas around you.
  4. Ask any teacher and librarian friends you may have for ideas. Teachers and librarians are often up to date on educational opportunities. As major parts of a thriving community, people often share upcoming events with teachers and librarians, making them an excellent resource for families looking for educational opportunities in the community.
  5. Check if your community has a historical reenactment group. These groups are great for giving children a hands-on opportunity to explore history. These groups are more than happy to be part of your child’s learning experience. They will teach your child a lot of amazing things while allowing them to touch historical objects and replicas rather than look at them in a museum.
  6. Many cities have historic homes located in the downtown area that are perfect for touring. Search historic and landmark homes or tours in your city, and find out when you can take a guided tour. Often they prefer to do this in groups; you may want to ask some homeschool friends to join in or coordinate a trip with your local homeschool group.
  7. Definitely utilize your local library as a homeschooler. Most local libraries have a place like a bulletin board or spot to post local events in the community; this is a wonderful way to stay up to date with local happenings. Also, some local libraries have resources like traveling trunks. Traveling trunks can be checked out or used within the library and are perfect for immersive experiences. If you are a local homeschool group or co-op leader, you will want to look into this. Each trunk is packed with interesting items from a particular period of time and come full of history-rich multi-media resources that your group can enjoy.

We hope this helps spark some exciting new ideas and places to explore history near you! Check out more tips for making the most of your homeschool field trips.

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