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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Homeschool Blogs

If you need real life homeschooling advice from those who know what they are talking about, we have a list of the absolute best homeschool blogs you should follow. What do we look for? Experience, expertise, and encouragement. 


Experience: practical contact with and observation of facts or events

When looking for homeschool blogs to follow, experience is key. Why? Because a person truly does need “practical contact” with homeschooling in order to help you on your own journey! Homeschoolers educate their children differently—it’s more personal than teaching in other environments. 


Expertise: expert skill or knowledge in a particular field

There’s different types of expertise we look for in a good blog. A blogger may not need to have homeschooled for ten years in order to be an expert organizer, but having kids that aren’t toddlers will help if they are going to share how to parent teens 😉

The list of bloggers we share below write about a variety of areas when it comes to homeschooling, including… 

  • Specific subject areas
  • Relationship building
  • Organization 
  • Working while homeschooling
  • Specific methodologies or philosophies
  • Knowledge of curriculum and resources


Encouragement: the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope

To encourage someone is to come alongside them and give them courage for the task at hand. Look for someone who is positive, while still being able to say hard things. For someone who enjoys her kids, but doesn’t pretend that everything is perfect all the time. For someone who admits when they fail, but doesn’t give up. 

Homeschool Blogs

Homeschool Blogs You Should Follow

Each of these bloggers have been homeschooling for multiple years or have graduated their children from homeschool, and each is an expert in some way or another. But one thing they all have in common: they can encourage you on your own homeschool journey

Based on experience, expertise, and encouragement, we’ve put together a list of the best homeschool blogs you should be following!


Homeschool Blogs for the Eclectic Homeschooler


Homeschool Mastery Academy. Yes, we are listing this blog first 😉. The Homeschool Mastery Academy team strives to provide affordable, quality resources for the eclectic homeschooler. The blog features practical help on a variety of topics from getting started with homeschooling, organization tips, and subject specific ideas. Our team of writers and content creators have decades of homeschool experience and a desire to see you succeed! 


Grace Grow Edify. Find curriculum reviews, organization tips, and encouragement on this blog. If you want to manage your home and serve your family well while homeschooling, this blog will help you do so. Courtney writes from a Christian perspective, but any homeschooler will find helpful tips and encouragement to live intentionally.


Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling. Kay homeschooled her two boys, who have now graduated, for fifteen years. Her posts include topics on faith, family, and homeschooling. If you are interested in a natural approach to teaching your kids, Kay is transitioning to writing more about this topic especially in the area of teaching language arts skills. She’s also a contributing writer here at Homeschool Mastery Academy!


Homeschooling Today. Homeschooling Today magazine was founded over twenty-five years ago and has a team of writers offering encouragement and practical help for homeschooling boldly. On the blog you’ll find posts from a variety of bloggers as well as articles from past issues of the magazine. They have some exciting things coming up (including a new website), so be sure to check back often or join their email list!


Homeschooling Without Training Wheels. Lynna says, “I’m here to help you build your homeschool-mom decision making muscles. Yes, you can adapt your practice without swerving from the principles that matter most.” You’ll discover a variety of practical posts and podcast episodes on homeschooling multiple-ages (Lynna has a large family), how to deal with sibling conflicts, scheduling, planning, organization, and more. 


iHomeschool Network. If you want information from a diverse group of homeschoolers, you’ll definitely want iHomeschool Network on your list of homeschool blogs to follow! This blog features a network of almost 150 bloggers. You’ll find information about teaching every subject, organization tips, encouragement, and more. 


Rock Your Homeschool. Amy is the mom of five boys, and believes that families should enjoy their homeschool experience. Drawing on her experience as a mental health therapist, she created a site that focuses on “growth-oriented thinking, creative planning, and easy-to-do fun activities.” 


Table Life Blog. This blog from a Christian perspective has a variety of posts for a relaxed approach to homeschooling your children. You’ll find art ideas, curriculum reviews, book lists, unit study resources, help for new homeschoolers, and encouragement for homeschooling. We love how Emily introduces you to her site, “All the small things we do in our homeschools each day add up to something big. What we do around our tables helps our children become who God has called them to be, equips them to walk boldly in their callings, and to look at this big world with wonder and awe for the One who created it.”

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The Homeschool Resource Room. Ashley provides resources for the secular homeschool mom. Topics include curriculum and homeschool resource reviews, planning tips, how to homeschool, and subject specific posts. Her shop is filled with printables to keep learning fun for kids. As she says on her blog, “I believe you can teach your kids everything they need to know and still hold on to their natural love of learning.


Hide The Chocolate. On top of her great resources for homeschooling and literary studies, Dachelle will give you a dose of real-life humor every so often which will have you “LOL”ing it. Don’t believe us, check out The Day My House Was Destroyed by the Robot Vacuum. Dachelle also writes about parenting and is one of the creators of Literary Adventures for Kids. 


Homeschool  Blogs that Specialize in an Area


Practical By Default. Are you a working homeschool mom? Jen is all about providing solutions for you! (And you’ll find a lot of helpful information even if you aren’t.) Her blog focuses on time management, help for juggling work and homeschool, and meal planning—all while still connecting with your kids. And Jen speaks from experience! She works outside the home and runs her blog while still homeschooling her kids.


Read Aloud Revival. Read Aloud Revival focuses on…you guessed it…reading aloud! Sarah Mackenzie believes “you are the best person to help your kids learn and grow, and home is the best place to fall in love with books.” She’s a homeschool mom of six kids, author of two books, and is the host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. No, this isn’t your typical blog, but when you click on a podcast episode, you’ll have access to it as well as notes on the main points of the show.  


Nourishing My Scholar. Follow Erin and her children on their journey of child-led education. You will find Erin sharing how she and her two intense children make meaningful connections through books, art, hands-on activities, games, and more.


Techie Homeschool Mom. Beth, a homeschooling mom of five daughters, helps homeschoolers navigate the world of online and technology based learning tools. Although she doesn’t believe all learning should happen that way, she recognizes the value of embracing all the world has to offer today. Topics include tech advice, homeschooling online, curriculum reviews, and more. 


Homeschool Blogs about the Fine Arts

Masterpiece Society. Alisha believes, “…with the right tools, you can instill a love of art, beauty, & creativity  in your kids—even in the midst of your crazy, busy life.” She homeschooled her three  children with a Charlotte Mason philosophy. Now that her kids are older, she’s created a full art curriculum and hosts a podcast with her daughter, Olivia, called Masterpiece Makers. Her blog will give you some great tips on incorporating art into your homeschool!


Music In Our Homeschool.  Gena has been teaching music in various formats since 1995 and homeschools her eight children. On her website you’ll find online music courses, reviews of music products, tips on how to include music in your homeschool, recommendations for music lessons, as well as free resources. 


You ARE an ARTIST!. Let chalk pastels open up a whole new world of learning for your children. This simple art activity can be incorporated into other studies to make learning more fun and memorable—and the blog will give you tips on how. Perfect for kids of all ages!

Homeschool Blogs about Charlotte Mason Inspired Learning

Everyday Graces. When you visit Lara’s site, you’ll immediately see the message, “Delightful and joy-filled homeschool days begin here. We provide resources to help you fill your home with Truth, Goodness, and Beauty all year long.” That sums up what Everyday Graces is all about! On her blog, Lara writes about a variety of topics influenced by a Charlotte Mason philosophy. Also available on her site are morning time resources and her podcast, Cultivating Grace. Grab a two-week sample of her morning time plans here. 


My Little Robins. After her first child was born, Leah was trained in the Charlotte Mason philosophy and began teaching at Ambleside School where she taught for two years. Her blog focuses on using the philosophy in the early years of children’s education. You’ll learn about Mason’s ideas of habit training, nature study, and more as well as how to implement them. 


Rooted Childhood. “Nurturing your child’s head, heart, and days in the quiet moments of the day” is the basis of Rooted Childhood. This blog is both Charlotte Mason and Waldorf inspired. You’ll find handicrafts and homeschool related articles focusing on the early years of education. Be sure to sign up for her email and get the Sunrise Collection to get a taste of what she has to offer through her Rooted Childhood collections—simple and practical ideas to start your homeschool day. 


A Homeschool Blog for YOU

Whether you need a reminder that you can homeschool your kids, curriculum and resource reviews, ideas for lessons, parenting help…whatever you can think of…there’s someone ready to walk alongside you on this homeschool journey. 

But remember by picking the right guide, you’ll know you can trust where they are leading you. So when it comes to the best homeschool blogs, you’ll want to look for experience, expertise, and a person who will give you encouragement. We hope this list will help!

We also have a list of the best homeschool books to start with and homeschool podcasts worth listening to. Take a look!

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