Homeschool Chemistry Lab

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Here Is The Best Way To Approach Homeschool Chemistry Lab

If you aren’t a science and math-minded parent, you might be stressing over the thought of teaching a homeschool chemistry lab. Or you might even be wondering how on earth you can do a chemistry lab from home? 

Do you need to order dangerous chemicals? How much will all of the lab supplies cost? The whole thing might have you feeling overwhelmed. Here at Homeschool Mastery Academy, we get it! 

But the good news is that we have a super easy hack for getting through chemistry labs as a homeschool family. You might be surprised to know that you don’t have to order anything fancy, and you also won’t have to blow anything up in your kitchen. 

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We recommend College Prep Science as a quality curriculum for all of your homeschool chemistry lab needs. Homeschool Mastery Academy loves curriculum that we can confidently recommend to homeschooling parents, and College Prep Science fits the bill. 

We are beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to share them with you today. Let’s find out if College Prep Science is right for you and your family first. 

Homeschool Chemistry Lab

Are College Prep Science Homeschool Chemistry Labs Right For Your Family?

If you are a Christian homeschool family, the answer is yes! College Prep Science is the best online option for families who appreciate their children’s science taught from a creation perspective. 

Do you have teens that need science labs? Then, yes, College Prep Science is perfect for you. One of the easiest ways to complete a homeschool chemistry lab is to do it virtually. We will discuss the virtual labs further in just a bit. 

Are you not comfortable teaching a homeschool chemistry lab to your kids? Then, yes, College Prep Science might be the perfect option for your family! Please don’t feel bad if teaching a science-based lab isn’t in your wheelhouse. It’s definitely not in mine, so I get it. It makes more sense to have my children learn from a qualified chemistry teacher with a high-quality curriculum than for me to struggle to teach it on my own. I know that most of you will agree, some courses are worth outsourcing—especially some high school courses like a homeschool chemistry lab. 

Do you have a 6th-12th grader that is interested in chemistry? If you have a student that is excited to begin a chemistry lab, the virtual option is a wonderful way to go. Children can start using College Prep Science chemistry labs as early as 6th grade through high school. 

Why Use Virtual Science Labs for Homeschool Chemistry? 

There are so many reasons why using a virtual chemistry lab for homeschool makes sense. But let’s cover a few of the main reasons. 

  • Easier for parents. A virtual science lab is an easier choice when you compare it to doing one at home. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of collecting all the supplies and performing hands-on chemical reactions in your kitchen, then virtual is the way to go. There are no additional supplies to purchase and no mess to make. College Prep Science’s online science labs do all of the same things you would do in-person but in a virtual simulation. So your children are not missing out on any experiences or limiting their education in any way. It’s really a win-win for homeschool parents and children that choose to do a homeschool chemistry lab online. 
  • Outsourcing for high school. If you have a homeschooled high schooler, permit yourself to outsource tough subjects. It’s 100% ok. There is nothing wrong with not teaching every single subject on your own. It is also best to choose a quality curriculum and teachers that can make sure your kids get it when it comes to high school classes that they need to graduate. You can feel confident that your students are learning what they need to know. 
  • Kids enjoy them. Teens actually enjoy the online homeschool chemistry labs from College Prep Science. Once your student listens to the lecture, there is a virtual lab that simulates the lab experiment. If your children have ever played a video game like Sims before, they will definitely enjoy this virtual experience with chemistry. 

Homeschool Chemistry Lab

What Included In A Homeschool Chemistry Lab Online From College Science Prep:

It’s all in the name, College Prep Science. Another reason we love them, College Prep Science is preparing your homeschoolers for what to expect in college. Even if they aren’t planning to attend college, these are skills that are worth having some knowledge about. 

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Create a lab report.  Before your child goes to college, it is an excellent idea to make sure they have some basic understanding of how to create a lab report. College Prep Science includes how to do this inside of the homeschool chemistry lab course. Your student will have the opportunity to create a lab report for each chemistry lab. It’s great practice for what is to come if they decide to pursue a math/science-related degree. 

Perform Lab Experiments Virtually. I mentioned that kids like the virtual labs because they are a bit like a video game. But seriously, they are a fun and almost realistic way to get your chemistry labs covered without any fuss. The virtual labs cover everything from turning the lights on in the lab to completing the entire lab experiment. Your kids aren’t missing out on anything even though they are doing the experiments online. 

Homeschool Chemistry Lab

Learn to Take Lecture Notes. Taking lecture notes is an important skill to possess before heading to college. Often, we forget to teach our children basic but imperative things like note-taking. You will appreciate that College Prep Science covers note-taking and course basics in the orientation of the class. They want your children to get the most out of the course, so they prepare them for what to expect with essential things like how to take notes properly. 

You will also appreciate that the teacher of all their wonderful courses is a homeschool dad. Greg Landry is a renowned science teacher that has created a fantastic program for homeschool families just like yours. 

I hope this gives you a good overview of why your family should utilize a homeschool chemistry lab online. College Prep Science is worth your serious consideration when it comes to choosing a science curriculum. Check out all they have to offer here now! 


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