Do you feel like your homeschool is missing something? 

When I began homeschooling, I was a slave to our curriculum. I was so afraid to veer from the daily plans. I was replicating public school at home and sucking the life out of our homeschool. 

Honestly, that wasn’t any fun for my daughter or me! (I still carry guilt about it.)

Fast forward as I find myself on round two—homeschooling my younger sons—I’m so much more confident about what homeschool can look like. I learned through years of experience how wonderful it can be. I have found joy by relaxing and having a lot more fun with my children.

Let’s face it, we all learn better when we’re having fun.

Maybe you are like I was in my first years of homeschooling…

You want to give your kids a great education, but even more you want them to develop a love of learning

Your curriculum covers all the subjects we’re told kids need… but no one wants to actually get out of bed to do it, including you

You’re too afraid your children will “get behind” if you set aside the curriculum to celebrate holidays or chase after a new interest

You feel like something is missing, but you don't know how to incorporate the fun things

You want to include various enrichment activities, but you dread how much time and effort it takes to add them in without breaking the bank

You feel like everyone else is having fun in their homeschools, except you

We Have Good News!

That’s why I started Homeschool Mastery Academy. I wanted to gather a team of homeschool content creators to curate affordable, simple, and accessible printables, activities, and ideas so you can bring FUN into your homeschool. 

It’s so easy to think education is all about the academic subjects we grew up taking, and of course, that’s a big part! But let’s change our mindset and think about how enrichment activities aren’t just a supplement to education; they are also foundational

Enrichment activities actually boost—help or encourage something to increase or improve—the core subjects in your homeschool. They count as hours for those of you who need to keep records. But most of all they help kids get excited about homeschooling!

Add more Fun

to Your Homeschool Today!


  • Follow your children’s interests?

  • Capitalize on the learning experiences from holidays to seasonal activities?

  • Make homeschooling something that your kids want to do?

The world is a big place with endless possibilities. Let us help you to have fun exploring it with your kids!

Homeschool Enrichment Curriculum
Courtney Messick

A Note from the Creator, Courtney 

For years we skipped exciting subjects like poetry, art, music, and nature study because I was so busy checking off the boxes of our rigid curriculum each day. I thought we didn't have time for them, but I eventually realized that fine arts, nature study, creative writing, learning about music, reading poetry, read-alouds together, and creating art are the most enriching elements of our homeschool. Those are the things my children remember and enjoy most, and I am so blessed that I get to experience that with them. Consistently exposing my children to beautiful and interesting things has helped me to cultivate a love of learning within them. And that is exactly what I want for you and your family!

Hear From Homeschoolers Like YOu

Homeschool Mom of Two

This was just what we needed to get out of our homeschool funk! Everyone has days where the motivation has just vanished and this was our golden ticket. It has everything you need to hit multiple areas, keep engagement, and just learn while having fun. My absolute favorite parts were the multiple grade options for teaching one subject and the variety of resources. Navigating Homeschool 

Homeschool mom of three

The homeschool enrichment collection is fabulous because it includes educational activities and book lists to span a wide variety of ages, making it easy to use in a family learning situation. I really like that the activities are varied and includes things like biographies, art appreciation, recipes, poetry, crafts and more! Having everything you need in the one place makes for a smooth and enjoyable time for all! The Homeschool Sweet Spot 

Homeschool Mom of Three

My oldest son was hating homeschooling, I needed something that added fun and wasn't expensive or hard to implement. The Homeschool Enrichment Collection is helping us to find new ways to enjoy homeschooling. 

Introducing the Homeschool Enrichment Collection

You’ll have access to a variety of ideas, activities, and educational printables with unifying themes—so you can take advantage of various learning opportunities and holidays! 

Each collection has a different assortment of the following resources: 

  • Calendars highlighting holidays and seasonal learning opportunities to celebrate and enjoy in your homeschool
  • 17 Different collections to use on demand
  • Creative writing prompts and research ideas
  • Educational printable packs to work through “family-style” or to use with individual students 
  • Coordinating hands-on art projects or crafts with an easy-to-find list of supplies
  • “Spotlight On” featuring a bio and fun facts about an artist, inventor, composer, or important figure in history
  • Suggested field trip ideas
  • Links and ideas for extended learning (You’ll find things like suggestions for music appreciation at home, nature study ideas, and lots more!)
  • Companion book lists that include our favorite selections for all ages to enjoy
  • Poetry teatime ideas and poem suggestions
  •  5 Different homeschool planners for parents
  • 6+ Mini-workshop videos or audios for parents with tips & encouragement to help you get the most out of the home educating lifestyle

Have more Fun.

Start Today!

Don’t Wait!

  • If you want affordable, simple, and accessible printables, activities, and ideas…
  • If you want all those things curated for you
  • If you want the convenience of having them all in one place
  • If you want to say goodbye to the boring and mundane
  • If you want to save time planning so you can spend more time homeschooling

Start Cultivating a Love of Learning at Home Today! 

Current Value $452
  • $212 The Homeschool Enrichment Collection (17 Exclusive Editions) 
  • $75 Monthly Activity Calendars 
  • $100+ Mini-Workshops and Audios for Parents (6)
  • $30+ Homeschool Planners (5)
  • $35 Exclusive Printable Freebies & Bonuses (4) 
  • Email Support from the Homeschool Mastery Academy Team
  • Private Facebook Group Access for Community
  • Lifetime Access
Homeschool Enrichment

Collection Themes

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You will receive access to all the available collections immediately.  

Grab a sample of the Intro to Classic Literature collection here. 

Read How Your Family Can Get the Most out of The Homeschool Enrichment Collection here.

Enjoy a wide range of fascinating themes, such as:

  • Entomology 
  • Ocean
  • Letter Writing 
  • Intro to American Sign Language 
  • Winter Nature
  • Friendship  
  • Summer 
  • Around the World (Culture, Geography) 
  • Weather 
  • Hobbies & Interests 
  • Life Skills: Goal Setting & Time Management 
  • Family & Me 
  • Autumn  
  • Serving Our Community  
  • Birds
  • Classic Literature (an introduction) 
  • Christmas Around the World 

No more waiting each month for the latest collection. You choose which collections you will dive into next! 

And, it doesn't stop there! Your dashboard is filled with our planners, workshops, and resources for parents to make the most of homeschooling.

It's Time to Cultivate a Love

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What are the recommended ages for the Homeschool Enrichment Collection? 

Is it a full homeschooling curriculum?

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection is not a complete curriculum; it is a collection of carefully curated resources that your entire family can flexibly use. Children of all ages can learn alongside one another with our monthly themed collections. 

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