Homeschool Geometry

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The Best Homeschool Geometry For The High School Years (The Best Math for High School Period!)

High School Math, just hearing the words have some of us homeschool parents cringing at the thought. If teaching math to your homeschooled teen has you freaking out just a little, you are not alone. I was once feeling that same way. We are currently tackling homeschool geometry, and it’s it is smooth sailing, and I can’t wait to share with you why. 

First, let me give you some context. You may be all too familiar with what I am about to share. My oldest and I have a history of combining math and emotional breakdowns. Can you relate? Teaching her math has created stress, frustration, anxiety, and even tears for both of us. 

The struggle is real. But, we found math bliss, and because we solved so many problems by switching our math curriculum, (see what I did there). I want to make sure that all homeschool parents know they can too!

Without further ado, the best option for homeschool geometry or any middle school or high school math for that matter is Mr. D Math. Hands down, it is a high-quality online math curriculum that all homeschool families should know exists. 

If teaching homeschool geometry has you freaking out just a little, you are not alone. We have the best option for high school math! #homeschoolgeometry #homeschoolmathcurriculum #onlinemathcurriculum #highschoolmath

Whenever I get the chance to share about Mr. D Math, I am overjoyed because there is always a parent out there that benefits from hearing about the fantastic programs he has to offer. 

If your home and or homeschool is suffering due to math, you may want to seriously consider outsourcing your math needs to Mr. D. 

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Switching Your Math Curriculum

  1. Is my relationship with my child being affected because of our frustrations with math?
  2. Am I struggling to teach my child in the way that he learns best?
  3. If I don’t switch now, how much worse might our relationship get, or will my child become more discouraged and less engaged?
  4. What do we have to lose by changing our math curriculum?
  5. Am I open to exploring new resources? If I value my child’s education, I should see everything available to us. 

By asking yourself those five questions, you might be able to get some clarity on what’s the priority when it comes to your children’s education. From there, you can make a sound decision. 

I know it can sometimes be scary to make a change in your homeschool. Maybe you feel committed to a curriculum because that’s what you have always used, or you think you have invested too much money already. But if our children’s education is as important as we believe it to be, we might need to take the next step. 

Mr. D Math Offers Self-Paced Courses For Homeschool Geometry

One of the best aspects of choosing Mr. D Math for Mr. D Math Geometry and other courses is that there is an entirely self-paced option. 

Homeschool Geometry

When you choose any of the online self-paced Mr. D Math classes, you will have access for a full 18-months. That is plenty of time to complete the course without any pressure. 

The self-paced option is fantastic for homeschoolers who appreciate flexibility

If you have a student who is more productive a night, no problem, he can access the course at his convenience. 

Or if your schedule is not a typical one, again, no problem. With Mr. D Math self-paced classes online, your child can do math whenever it works best for your family. 

The homeschool geometry class and other middle school and high school math classes are offered as self-paced because Mr. D Math knows that not all children are working at the same pace. Some children may prefer to work faster than others, and some children may enjoy the slower pace and less pressure to keep up

Either way, the self-paced courses from Mr. D Math are there to help meet your child’s individual needs.

Homeschool Geometry

Mr. D Math Offers More Than Homeschool Geometry 

Mr. D Math offers more than Mr. D Math Geometry. You will find courses from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry. So you can use Mr. D Math from middle school all through the high school years. 

Mr. D Math also offers courses such as SAT and ACT Bootcamp, or Sign Language, and College & Career Readiness.

Homeschool Geometry  

Mr. D Math Sets Your Student Up For Success

One massive benefit of Mr. D Math classes is that you also receive three weekly live extra-help sessions. Yes! Live extra-help sessions are included in the price of the self-paced course. 

That means – no more stress! If your child doesn’t understand something from that week’s lesson, save that question or questions for the live session. Ask your question live, and the tutor will help you work it out right there. This is all done via Zoom online through your Mr. D Math dashboard. There are three weekly options to choose from to fit your schedule or attend them all.

Homeschool Geometry

If you have ever paid for a math tutor, you know that it can get pricey, especially in upper-level math classes. Mr. D Math for homeschool is already competitively priced for an online self-paced curriculum, and the added live extra-help sessions make it a crazy-good deal!

If you want to change your family’s experience with homeschool math, I encourage you to look closely at Mr. D Math. Life is too short to struggle and cry over math equations! 










If teaching homeschool geometry has you freaking out just a little, you are not alone. We have the best option for high school math! #homeschoolmath #highschoolmath #algebra #mathcurriculum #onlinemathclasses

4 thoughts on “The Best Homeschool Geometry For The High School Years

  1. Hi, I would love some more information on the Highschool geometry. Is there a way to sample the course or see some of it in a trial form of some sort? I want to make sure I am getting the correct thing for my son. Could you also share the cost should we go forward with this curriculum/course? Thank you very much!
    Talisha Palmer

    1. Hi Talisha,

      Unfortunately there is no way to sample the courses that we are aware of. That is why we do full reviews for parents, so they can get an idea of how the course works and what to expect.

      As far as pricing, you can see the full course catalog with pricing info in the last link of the post.

      Please respond with any questions you may have. We hope this information helps.

      The Team @ HMA

  2. Do you feel these types of courses fulfill a high school requirement? Is there enough homework and practice without a textbook?

    1. Carmen Mr. D Math is taught by certified math teachers. The curriculum is designed for high school and offers 1/2 credit and full credit courses. The curriculum is all online, so there is printable text that takes the place of a textbook and real live teachers. It is in our opinion one of the best and most comprehensive math classes available online. Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you.

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