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Set and Accomplish Your Homeschool Goals This Year

If not now, when? Yes, it’s the perfect question to ask yourself. Do you have inner desires for how you want your homeschool to feel, look, or function? Let’s do it! Because if not now, when? You can’t accomplish your homeschool goals if you have yet to set them.

All of us have visions of how we “wish” our homeschool was different or ahem, better at some point in our homeschool journeys. No one starts homeschooling on day one, and everything is perfect, although Instagram may have us thinking otherwise some days.

To get from point A to point B, we need a plan. Accomplishing our goals is much easier than we think – even our homeschool goals.

Do you have goals for how you want your homeschool to feel, look, or function? Let's set some homeschool goals that you can accomplish! #homeschool #homeschoolplanning #homeschooling #goalsetting

#1 – Start by writing them down.

How do you want your homeschool to look differently? What does your ideal day look like?

You can begin by writing – I want my homeschool to be peaceful, organized, or whatever word(s) resonate with you.

This might be 2-3 goals for some of you, or it may be 10 for others. However many, write them all down.

#2 – Then create action steps.

Next, let’s write down a few quick action steps that would start to get us on the right track for each goal.

For example, if one of your goals is to have a more organized homeschool – what steps could you take today to change that?

Don’t get overwhelmed.

Just write them down.

You might write down something like – clean the homeschool closet or clean out the homeschool supply drawers.

You can make a list of all the steps it would take to get your homeschool as organized as you would like it.

#3 – Implement your plan.

Lastly, save your list somewhere you can see it daily, like on the fridge or your desk.

Choose a timeframe and write it on the top of your list. “Complete by X date.”

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Now, pick a task each day, each week, or each month that you can do. One task at a time, move through your list.

By this time next month, next semester, or next year you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

It all begins by writing it down and following through with action.

We hope you are inspired to set and meet homeschool goals that improve your home education experience this year.

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