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21 Exciting Activities To Do with Your Homeschool Group

If you are involved with a homeschool group or co-op, then you know getting the wiggles out before you begin a lesson can help tremendously! Maybe you are waiting for all the families to arrive, or the group lesson hasn’t quite started, and you need to eliminate the wiggles. A fun homeschool group activity beforehand can release all that excitement and make way for real learning to begin. But what will settle down a large group of multiage homeschoolers? We have 21 fun and exciting ideas!


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Here are 21 homeschool group activities to help get the wiggles out!

      1. Music. Dancing and jumping around for a few minutes are sure-fire ways to release some energy.
      2. Free Play. Allow for a few minutes of free play to run around outside if possible. Tag or running are fantastic ways to prepare for sitting quietly.
      3. Simple Games. Set up a couple of tables with simple and quick two-player games such as Connect Four and Tic Tac Toe (you can make Tic Tac Toe fun with tables covered in paper and crayons) and allow a short block of time to play each other. Or a few sets of Jenga to allow for more players.
      4. Group Memorization. This can be a lot of fun for kids to yell out or whisper a passage to memorize. Control the volume of the group by doing a Simon Says type game, have them scream, whisper, and repeat the passage in various funny voices.
      5. Pass the Ball. You can do this with a ball or any object. Pass the ball around in the group or the children can toss to one another in a circle. As soon as the ball lands in another child’s hands ask a fun fact question. This activity is easiest if you already have a list or print out a list of fun educational questions to ask.
      6. Run in Place. In those colder months when you can’t get outside, line them up in a row and run-in place until the leader says stop or a “magic” word.
      7. Coloring. Set up a space or a couple of tables covered with paper and cups of crayons. Allow some free time to create or color.
      8. Sing. Play some age-appropriate learning songs and let them belt it out!
      9. Repeat Hand Clapping Patterns. Have one of your group volunteers to create hand clapping and knee patting patterns and see if the kids can copy it.
      10. Simon Says. Simon Says is always a hit and can be even more fun by allowing the students to take turns being Simon.
      11. Lego Build Challenge. This challenge could work about anywhere, the library or the park. Set out bins or baskets of random Legos and put small teams together, set a timer and allow them to create something as a team in a short amount of time. What a wonderful exercise for cultivating a teamwork mindset and quick thinking!
      12. Jumping Games. Jump in place on one leg, jumping rope, or hopscotch.
      13. Freeze Dance. Surely you remember this one from your childhood, and oh what fun! Put on some upbeat music, dance until the music stops and FREEZE!
      14. Hot Potato. Another “old school” game, and still tons of fun. Use a ball, bean bag, or real potato for a game.
      15. Hokey Pokey. This one is especially good for younger kiddos still learning to follow directions.
      16. Mini Workout. Getting the wiggles out can be as simple as “Who can do the most push-ups?”
      17. Ring Around the Rosie. For younger students.
      18. “Animal” Follow the Leader. Rotate leaders or students pretending to be an animal of their choice. The group follows by hopping like a bunny, slithering like a snake, or running like a cheetah.
      19. Hula Hoops. Invest in some dollar store hula hoops and use on co-op days before lessons.
      20. Parachute Games. Another great investment for your group is a child’s parachute. Using your parachute as a group encourages working together, and the students learn to follow directions. Have a leader give general commands; walk to your left, raise and go under, and other general directions.
      21. Egg or Sack Race. Nothing more fun than a quick sack or egg race before the real learning begins!


We hope you enjoy our suggestions to get the wiggles out with your homeschool group or co-op!


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