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How To Use Your Local Library For Your Homeschool

The local library is a great place to find resources and information for your homeschool. Not only can you use the library to get books for your child to read you can also take advantage of the library for a quiet place outside of the house to work. Libraries have all types of perks like internet access and wonderful programs to offer.

homeschool library

Ways your local library can help you homeschool:

Save money on textbooks.

Many libraries have textbooks to offer. If your local library does not have any textbooks, you can ask them if another library in the library’s network has one to offer or if they can order it. This is a great way to save on homeschool curriculum. You will be surprised how many resources libraries already have on hand from requests or donations.

Find new interesting things.

Textbooks are not the only treasures libraries can provide. Explore the shelves with your child and find fantastic books that capture their interest. Stop by the media section and see what movies, games, and audiobooks your library has to offer. Some libraries have really cool offerings you can take home like sewing machines and microscopes.

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Keep up to date on community activities.

From bulletin boards to chit-chatting with your favorite librarian, the local library is still the best place to go for a heads up on activities in your community. If you need to find a cheap or free field trip or a new extracurricular activity for your child, the local library is the perfect spot to find something new and exciting.

Enjoy workshops and classes.

Many libraries offer fun activities from parties and summer reading programs to workshops and crafting classes. Most of these are run by community volunteers that are happy to teach your kids something new. These workshops are great places to find teachers for your child to learn new things from. Especially if you are interested in adding outside classes in art, music, or life skills.

Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro, your local library has a lot to offer your homeschool family. Tell us something cool that your local library offers for homeschoolers in the comments below!

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