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You Will Be Surprised When You See Teaching Textbooks Now

Homeschool math curriculum, it’s one of the most challenging subjects to find the right fit. There are plenty of them to choose from, but one choice that seems to be widely used in the homeschool community and for a good reason is Teaching Textbooks. 

Whether you have tried Teaching Textbooks in the past or never heard of them, you just might want to take a closer look now. 

We recently heard Teaching Textbooks made some exciting new updates, and we couldn’t wait for a chance to preview the new version, so we could share it with you!

Welcome Teaching Textbooks 4.0Many of the same convenient features from before and some great new additions! Additions, see what we did there? Just a little homeschool math humor. 

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Reasons To Love Teaching Textbooks for Homeschool Math 

  • Teaching Textbooks uses a spiraling math approach over mastery. The spiral math method works well for students who could use the confidence boost of instant success. They are often reviewing concepts they have previously learned and building on that. So they will feel less intimidated because the material is familiar. Thus making the spiral math method a great way to continue to build upon concepts and progress forward. 
  • Teaching Textbooks 4.0 works wonderfully well for visual and auditory learners. The visuals are engaging and made to keep homeschool students interested in the lessons. The audible aspect is fantastic for auditory learners. They are less likely to get dazed trying to stay focused and read from a straight text. The speaker (audio) also helps students who may be struggling readers to have the problems read aloud to them. If all of that isn’t enough, the new 4.0 has ramped up their visual and audio content too! So if you have tried them in the past, you will be pleasantly surprised with the latest improvements. 

Homeschool Math

  • It’s interactive. In essence, it’s like having a math teacher or tutor right there with your student. But a lot less expensive! 
  • Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is excellent for independent learning. Students can use Teaching Textbooks early on to develop some incredible independent learning skills on their own. Or if you already have a student practicing independent learning at home, Teaching Textbooks will continue to build those essential skills with their homeschool math curriculum. 

Homeschool Math


  • Teaching Textbooks is self-paced and flexible.  There are no schedules, so you can work as fast or as slow as you prefer. You can work it into your homeschool routine; however, you see fit. 
  • You don’t have to keep up with grading. One more thing off your plate as a homeschool parent, and who likes to grade papers anyways. Wink. Seriously, it is such a nice feature that Teaching Textbooks self-grades the lessons and keeps all the grades in an easily accessible grade book for you to view anytime.

Homeschool Math

What’s New For Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Math

+Teaching Textbooks 4.0 has a fantastic new scratchpad feature that will allow your students to work the problems out right on their handheld devices. That will undoubtedly impress your students! The scratchpad option will come in handy in the car and other mobile situations, making it easier than using a pencil and paper on the go. 

Homeschool Math

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+Teaching Textbooks is available on the go! Yes, you heard that right. Accessing your homeschool math curriculum via mobile is super handy for those Dr. Visits or long trips that you want to maintain your homeschool routine. The Teaching Textbooks 4.0 version is an app, so your child can access their math curriculum across multiple devices. All of these new advancements offer much more freedom for homeschoolers! 

+You can still pause your Teaching Textbooks 4.0 subscription anytime. Say you are leaving for vacation, or maybe there is an illness in the family that may take some much-needed attention; no problem. Just pause your subscription until you can resume lessons for up to 90 days. 

+Teaching Textbooks is available on more devices now. The new upgraded version is now available for access on more devices. This is such an excellent benefit for homeschool families, as many of us are on the go or need to interchange between devices with multiple children. 

Homeschool Math

+Goodbye discs and textbooks! With the new advancement in Teaching Textbooks technology, there is no need for clunky textbooks or keeping up with discs anymore. If you have access to the internet, that is all you need for a complete homeschool math curriculum. 

Homeschool Math

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