Homeschool Music Curriculum

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How to Incorporate Homeschool Music Curriculum for the Simple Joy of It

Homeschool music is important for all kids, and that’s why we at Homeschool Mastery Academy want to share easy ways for you to make it a part of your homeschool. No musical instrument lessons required!

The hills are alive with the sound of music…

Can’t you just hear Julie Andrew singing? If you are a fan of The Sound of Music like we are, you know that her character brought love and joy to the Von Trapp children’s lives through music.

We believe that you can do the same for your children.

Homeschool Music Curriculum

Why Your Kids Need Homeschool Music

Music really does bring a lot of joy to your homeschool days! But that’s not the only benefit a music-rich environment provides. 

  • We remember through music. You know this is true just by thinking about all the words to songs you remember from your childhood and teen years. Marketers know it as well; it’s why we know the ending to this phrase, “Break me off a piece of that ___ ___ ___!”
  • Children and teens find expression through music. Everyone has their favorite type of music. But it’s about more than style—it’s about how we connect with it. Music often makes us feel seen and heard…and understood.
  • Music makes us all better thinkers. According to Harvard Health, “researchers speculated that listening to music helps organize the firing of nerve cells in the right half of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher functions.” That sounds like a good thing, right?


5 Ways to Incorporate Music in Your Homeschool That Doesn’t Require Kids to Learn an Instrument

Play Music

Whether at meal time or while you are doing arts and crafts, putting on some background music is a simple way to incorporate more music in your day. We recommend classical music or something else that is soothing. It helps to set such a peaceful mood!

Have a Dance Party

Turn up your children’s favorite music and have a dance party. This is an easy way to bring joy to your homeschool. And on top of that—it helps younger students get the wiggles out. If you are having “one of those days” and math is bringing them to tears, yell “Time for a dance party!” It will change everyone’s attitude including yours!

Learn About the Lives of Composers In You Homeschool Music Curriculum 

Biographies inspire our kids, and the lives of many of our most famous composers are fascinating. You could also incorporate music appreciation right into your morning time routine. There are resources like The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans that focus on one composer or musician each session. 

Getting to Know the World’s Great Composers series like Ludwig Van Beethoven is a wonderful resource. 


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Discover the Beauty of Orchestra Music

There are so many great resources for studying the orchestra, but if you get the chance go to an actual performance. Try to find one that kids will be especially drawn to. Our local orchestra did a night of movie themes from Star Wars to Indiana Jones.

Here are some of our other favorite resources:

A Child’s Introduction to the Orchestra 

Meet the Orchestra

Create Your Own Instruments

Yes, we realize we said ways to incorporate music without learning an instrument, but this is different. You don’t really need to teach your kids to play an instrument they invent! Get out old canisters (oatmeal ones are perfect), jingle bells, empty water bottles, dried beans, craft sticks, pots and pans for little ones…whatever you have around the house. Set it on the table and let your kids use their imaginations. Be sure to let them put on a performance!

Online Self-Paced Homeschool Music Curriculum 

Music in Our Homeschool is our favorite full online homeschool music curriculum. It is self-paced and they have a wide variety of options. You can even score a full high school credit with some of their awesome courses. Check them out here. 

Homeschool Music


Whatever you choose to do, do something. You don’t have to be a musician yourself, and teaching music doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s bring some joy into our homeschool routine with music!

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy


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