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Here Are The Easiest Ways To Add Homeschool Music Appreciation

Many homeschool parents skip right over teaching homeschool music. It’s easy to overlook for a couple of reasons. Maybe your child isn’t musically inclined or learning to play an instrument, and you think it’s irrelevant. Or perhaps you don’t see the value it teaching music in your homeschool.

Today we want to change that. If you aren’t adding music to your homeschool, you are missing out! More importantly, we will show you just how easy it can be to add music to your homeschool.

Let us show you just how easy it can be to add music appreciation and enrich your homeschool and learning! #homeschoolmusic

First You Need To Know How Valuable Music In Your Homeschool Can Be

You don’t have to learn to play an instrument to appreciate music. Few people dislike music, especially children. Music can lift moods and bring people together. This is true in our homeschools too!

If you have ever had a bad homeschool day that seems to be spiraling out of control, you know how much you need something to turn things around. Music has the ability to do just that.

But besides the fact that music can refresh a day gone wrong, it has incredible benefits to your children’s education.

Listening To Music Can:

  • Destress a Child (and Parents)
  • Boost Child Development – Social, Language, Literacy and More
  • Encourage Dancing (Build Motor Skills)
  • Ignite Self-Expression
  • Boost Brain Power
  • Encourage Singing
  • Increase Interest in Musical Instruments (Might Lead to Playing)

 What Can You Learn From Homeschool Music Appreciation?

  • You can learn the history of music from early ages all the way to the present.
  • Begin to learn about various cultures and where particular music styles originated.
  • Your students can discuss how music affects society and how it has changed over time.
  • Studying individual composers and musical pioneers can be fascinating to hear their stories.
  • You can begin to study the basics of musical notes or go as far as to learn to read music.
  • Learning about instruments and how to identify them in music can actually be a lot of fun.
  • The study of individual instruments is also exciting and beneficial.

Not every music appreciation course or book will have all of the above components. But you can always expand off of your favorite music appreciation curriculum.

8 Ways To Expand Music Appreciation At Home

  1. Once you have developed a love for music appreciation,  you can begin to take phenomenal field trips to the symphony or local music venues.
  2. Find books at the library about a particular composer, musical era, or instrument.
  3. Create a playlist of all your favorite pieces to play during morning time or poetry tea time.
  4. Start a musical dictionary notebook with all the musical terms your student is learning. Extra points if you add sketches or drawings.
  5. Print out blank paper for sheet music and let your child compose a piece to later play on a keyboard or piano app.
  6. Watch videos of ensembles, orchestras, and musical geniuses.
  7. Create a musical era timeline.
  8. Play a piece of music for your student and allow them to describe what they hear. There are no right or wrong answers here; your child may listen to emotions, a particular instrument, or variant speeds.

Music appreciation is beneficial to your children and can lead to having a lifelong love for music. There is no downside to adding homeschool music appreciation to your curriculum.

How Can You Easily Add Homeschool Music Appreciation To Your Curriculum?

The easiest way is to choose a program that already has done all the footwork for you! Here are some of our favorite fine arts homeschool music curriculum choices.


One of the many reasons we love YOU ARE AN ARTiST is that it incorporates music and art appreciation. You can affordably buy an entire year of music AND art appreciation for any grade level or use a family style plan! This is the easiest way to ensure you can consistently cover music appreciation each month without all the searching and planning on your own. The Fine Arts Curriculum from YOU ARE AN ARTiST is an open and go – fully complete music appreciation plan done for you!

art & music appreciation


Homeschool Activities Calendar
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Music In Our Homeschool

Another one of the easiest ways to add music appreciation to your homeschool is through one of our favorite music programs Music In Our Homeschool. There are so many musical styles and eras to explore and choose from. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Check Out All The Music Appreciation Courses From Music In Our Homeschool Here

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Incorporate Books About Music and Fine Arts In Your Homeschool

Story of the Orchestra is another fantastic resource to help you begin to incorporate music into your homeschool.

Meet The Great Composers is a great place to begin learning about individual composers and their music.

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection

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The Homeschool Enrichment Collection

We hope this not only will give you some new ideas or inspiration to add homeschool music appreciation to your curriculum, but to enjoy music alongside your children. Music is a gift and we hope you will begin to unwrap it!

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