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Easy Ways You Can Add Homeschool PE Into The Day

When you tell people you are homeschooling, one thing that they often question is how you are going to teach physical education. The truth is Physical Education doesn’t require a gym full of kids. In fact, you can teach homeschool PE easily or outsource it by putting your child in the right activities.


Physical Education doesn't require a gym full of kids. In fact, you can add homeschool PE into each day with simple activities at home. #homeschool #homeschoolpe #pe #peforkids


Tips For Teaching Homeschool Physical Education


  • Encourage your child to join a sport. This is a great way to help your child get active and enjoy an activity they love. By entering a new sport activity, you can also enjoy extra socialization with other children. (In case you are worried about socialization, but really, it isn’t a problem for most homeschoolers.) Kids that join sports have plenty of opportunities to socialize with peers their own age. In addition to socializing, your children can learn new skills, build confidence, and practice coordination, all while getting good exercise and having fun!
  • Daily physical activity is good for overall development and can help your child focus while they are learning. You can sneak physical education in every day by taking advantage of physical activities your child enjoys like riding bikes, playing basketball, and even dancing around the house. While your child fills in their P.E. requirements, they are also helping run off energy so they can learn better. Win-win!
  • If your child refuses traditional sports or you find yourself unable to get out of the house, you can take advantage of technology to get in your regular physical education. Even kids that are reluctant to go outside and ride bikes can be convinced to get in some physical exercise when you take advantage of active video games that require your child to move. Playstation and Xbox both have the ability to enjoy active games like Just Dance.
  • Sometimes children don’t enjoy playing sports or dancing but will find they enjoy another activity. Look for something active that will capture your child’s interest like horseback riding to encourage them to get physical activity in. You will be amazed by how many activities use a lot more energy and physical strength than you realize.


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Lastly, don’t underestimate regular family activities like nature walks, hikes and gardening. Or heading to the local pool and jumping on the trampoline. The point is to do some type of physical activity for at least 20-30 minutes each day.

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Tell us in the comments, what does your family do to stay active at home?

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