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Reach Your Goals With the Best Homeschool Planning Printables

Homeschool planning printables will help you reach your homeschool goals while allowing you to enjoy the freedom of homeschooling. 

Why You Need to Use Homeschool Planning Printables

  1. Maps are essential to get where you want to go. When you go on a journey, you need a map to give you directions—to help you know what roads to take. As you go, you may choose to “off-road” at times which can be fun and exciting. But without a map, you’ll be lost if you stay on those meandering side roads too long. Homeschool planning printables act as your map.
  2. There is freedom in homeschooling—enjoy it! No matter what state you live in or how many laws you have to follow, there is still a lot of freedom in homeschooling. For some of you it might not be in what subjects you teach, but in how you teach them. Homeschool planning printables can help you think about teaching in an out-of-the-box way.

    Textbooks and workbooks may be perfect for your children in some areas, but don’t rely on them if they aren’t the best fit. Yes, it is easy to simply pick them up and do the next lesson, but what if your child needs a literature-based approach? What if you all need to have a poetry teatime to help you enjoy poetry and one another in the process? What if morning baskets make your kids want to do school. 

Our homeschool planning printables will help you chart your course and keep you on track. We can help you reach your goals! #homeschool #printables

With homeschool planning printables, and just a little time upfront, you can still have the convenience of doing the next thing without being tied to a sometimes boring, traditional approach to doing them. 

Our Best Homeschool Planning Printables

What makes Homeschool Mastery Academy’s planning printables the best?

  • Designed with the eclectic homeschooler in mind
  • Made for ultimate flexibility
  • Customizable to your unique needs
  • Easy to use

The Homeschool Planner

To say thank you for subscribing to our email, we want to give you our 2024 Homeschool Planner for FREE. Why? Because we want to help set you up for success in your homeschool journey and we are passionate about the benefits of having a plan. At Homeschool Mastery Academy we want you to enjoy homeschooling and keep your relationships a priority while giving your kids the education they need. 

FREE 2024 Homeschool Planner HMA

The Homeschool Planner helps you with thinking through all the different hats you wear as a homeschooling mom—because let’s face it, you do way more than homeschooling. It includes: 

  • 20 total Pages
  • Printable PDF Format
  • Year At A Glance
  • Month At A Glance
  • Week At A Glance
  • Daily Schedule
  • Weekly Subject Planner
  • Lesson Planner
  • Yearly Activities Planner
  • 12 Month At A Glance Jan – Dec 2024

Poetry Tea Time Planner

We believe that education should be fun for both you and your kids. That’s why we are big fans of poetry tea time. This simple practice does more than help your kids enjoy poetry instead of dreading it—it’s a time to slow down and enjoy one another. And exposure to great poetry will help strengthen other language arts skills, making your kids better communicators.

Poetry Teatime

My Eclectic Poetry Tea Time Planner gives you the tools to make teatime a regular part of your homeschool routine. Whether you would like to keep it simple or go all out sometimes, the planner includes ideas and planner pages to help you do it the way you enjoy most. 

Morning Time Planner

Morning time is all the rage with homeschoolers, and we get why it’s so popular! Starting off the day by gathering together to get the most important things done first—in a way that isn’t stress-filled—sets you up for success throughout the day. 

Morning Time

Homeschool Activities Calendar
Enrich your homeschool days! 
Featured Image

Our Eclectic Morning Time Workbook shows you how to make the most of the first part of your day. From how to design your morning time to creative ideas for it to planning pages, you’ll find everything you need.

Unit Study Planner

Unit studies are perfect for homeschool multiple ages and grades. With unit studies, learning is connected, helping kids understand that the information and skills they learn are all related to one another. Unit studies are a natural way for students to see that education is about real life, that it doesn’t fit in neat little subject boxes.

How To Make A Unit Study

Our Unit Study Builder Workbook shows you how to put together a customized unit study and gives you the planning tools to help you make it happen. The workbook includes an eleven page guide to help you create unit studies for your homeschool, printable planning pages, and ideas to get started. 

Loop Scheduling Planner 

Looping is a great way to schedule an eclectic approach to homeschooling. With it, you can make sure you cover everything you need to in a way that makes sense. Every subject has a variety of topics within it, and looping gives you the flexibility to take as much or as little time as you need on each. 

Homeschool Looping

The Eclectic Homeschool Looping Workbook takes you step-by-step through the process of creating an easy to use schedule that will help you stay on track, while allowing for the flexibility you need in your unique homeschool. 

High School Schedule Templates

Whether you choose a traditional, block, or looping schedule, our High School Schedule Templates help you and your teens make a plan that is right for them. Teenagers are learning more than the subjects they are studying in high school. They are learning to manage their time, be responsible for their own education, and figuring out how they learn best. In other words, they are learning life skills

High School Schedule Template

Since every student is unique, we provide a variety of ways to schedule their days so your teens can find a system that works for them. 

Homeschool Planning Printables

We recommend planning printables over pre-bound resources. That way you can completely customize your planning system because no two families are alike. Isn’t that why so many of us are choosing to homeschool anyway? We know that there are no cookie cutter kids, so why should they be given a cookie cutter education?

So whatever you choose, find the resources that will guide you on your own journey. We hope our planning printables will help you chart your course and keep you on track through it all!

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy

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