Let's Create a Homeschool Planning System That Positively Impacts Your Home & Family Today!

Get Organized

Stop spinning your wheels every day looking for homeschool supplies at the last minute and fumbling to throw together low quality lessons. Stop sabotaging yourself!


Create a flexible rhythm and routine that works for your unique family and your lifestyle. With the right margins in place you can create blank space for your family and homeschool. 

Start Enjoying Home Education

Spend more time learning alongside your family and bonding through homeschooling. With the right planning in place you and your children can enjoy your homeschool.

Learn how to plan for YOUR unique homeschool and maintain it for good. Today!

Does this sound Familiar?

You always feel unorganized! You can never find what you need and you constantly feel like you are just trying to keep your head above homeschooling waters. You are barely keeping up. 

Because you are unorganized - your homeschool is In constant chaos! There is no clear routine, no real rhythm, and you want to pull your hair out each day. 

Your spouse is beginning to doubt your capability as a homeschool mom! Ouch. It stings to know your husband might think that you can't handle the homeschooling gig. 

Your Children aren't excited about homeschooling and neither are you! You and your children dread your current homeschooling situation. No one feels like homeschooling most days. 

you feel like you have planned well before but you can't figure out how to maintain it long term. As a result, you are not consistent in your homeschool. 

It DOESN't HAVE To Be That Way!

But What If Your Homeschool Days looked Like This Instead?

  • 1
    You step into Monday with confidence that your week will be smooth because you have a plan.
  • 2
    You will create more margin to enjoy life with your family.
  • 3
    You can find all the homeschooling things when you need them.
  • 4
    No more mommy guilt because you waited till the last minute to throw some random homeschool plans together for the week.
  • 5
    You can save money! It’s possible to stop buying more curriculum and use what you have when you are organized.
  • 6
    You have more quality time to spend with your children.
  • 7
    You can focus on cultivating a love of learning within your kids instead of modeling constant chaos and frustration. 
  • 8
    You will have more time for fun! You won’t feel behind all the time and will finally be able to have fun when it comes to homeschooling.
  • 9
    You can finally stop stressing over it all because you are consistent.
  • 10
    You will create a custom flexible homeschool routine that you can maintain over time.

 What's Included?

  • Our Exclusive Self-Paced Course for Parents to Help You Design Your Perfect Homeschool Plans - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. With 6 Modules, 19 Units, Text and Audio Options for Your Convenience, and Plenty of Additional Planning Resources = Maximum Value at just $17!
  • Our Exclusive 120 Page Undated Homeschool Planner - Perfect for Homeschool Families with Multiple Students. RECENTLY ADDED Additional Dated Planner Option and Our Exclusive Homeschool Looping Planner!
  • Lifetime Access and Support for Maximum Success! We offer email support with the course and a Facebook group for added support & community.  

“Stop believing the lie that you can't have an organized homeschool!" 

- Courtney Messick -

Homeschool Morning Routine


From our first phone call about my homeschool concerns to our current coaching relationship, Courtney has extended grace, helped me to grow and been edifying in the process. She has been extremely understanding about my challenges, encouraging both me and my son, and has been extremely knowledgeable about homeschool resources. She was flexible in scheduling and the logistics of our meetings. She has been adept at getting to the heart of this homeschooling mom’s challenges and finding creative solutions. Her approach has empowered me to move forward with confidence and find joy in homeschooling again. I am thrilled to have found Courtney.



I felt overwhelmed and under equipped. I was about to give up and send my daughter to traditional school for kindergarten but kept feeling a tug on my heart to homeschool. I shared with Courtney my struggles. She gave me some wonderful guidance of things that could work for our family. It has been wonderful so far and my daughter is flourishing and I don't feel as overwhelmed. I'm so thankful to her for pointing me in the right direction because without that conversation that day, I might have given up.


Homeschool Planner

Are You Ready to Master Homeschool Planning Once and For All?

What You Will Learn:

  • How To Choose a Planner that Works for You and Not Against You
  • A Prepping Process Before You Plan - What You Need to Plan Effectively 
  • Learn to Create Master Lists and Use More of the Resources You Have (We will show you the benefits of this too!)
  • You Will Learn to Plan with Your Unique Family and Lifestyle in Mind
  • Ideas To Start Blending Your Homeschool and Life For Less Stress
  • Routines, Rhythms and Schedules - What's the Difference? And Why Does it Matter? 
  • Learn New Planning Methods Such As Looping, Time Blocking, and The Dashboard
  • Start Planning Margin in Your Days and Weeks for When Life Happens
  • We Will Have a Little Chat About Organization & Clean Outs
  • Adopt Easy Solutions to Maintain It All with a Simple System to Stay Organized
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You missed out!

Don't Wait.

Master Your Homeschool Plans Today!

Courtney Messick 

Workshop Host & Founder of

Homeschool Mastery


I have helped hundreds of families craft their perfect homeschool schedules in one-on- one intensives for years. I finally decided to offer that same intensive workshop to all homeschool families at a fraction of the cost.  

As a homeschooling consultant, I have witnessed homeschool planning to be one of the greatest challenges many parents face. Keeping up with a homeschool schedule, daily lessons, and all the curriculum can be a struggle for some. But it doesn’t have to be! Even if, like many of my clients, you think you are organizationally challenged.

It boils down to creating a personalized system that works for your unique family and lifestyle, then learning how to maintain it. I want to show you how to do just that! 

Creating a homeschool routine or schedule that works within the rhythms of your home and lifestyle has long-term benefits. The benefits range from building homeschool consistency, limiting stress for the entire family, and cultivating an environment that promotes learning. That’s just the beginning!

I believe homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. My goal is to help homeschool families begin living out their best days full of joy, peace, and natural rhythms while home educating. 

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