Could a Homeschool Routine Be Just What You Need?

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Could a Homeschool Routine Be Just What You Need?

One of the benefits of homeschooling that so many parents and children love is that there is that ability to have a bit of a more relaxed schedule. But, is there such a thing as being “too relaxed” when it comes to homeschooling?

The debate is out depending on who you ask in regards to this question.

Certain parents feel that for a child to learn the importance of planning a schedule and staying on track, it’s extremely important for them to stick to as “normal” of a typical school schedule as possible. But other parents counter that thought process and highlight that homeschooling is done to actually tailor towards what works best for the child.

Could a Homeschool Routine Be Just What You Need? One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to have a more relaxed schedule!

If you are on the fence about having a routine, or not when it comes to homeschooling, here are some points to consider before making the decision that works best for you and your child.

Is a homeschooling routine right for you and your child?

  • Having a homeschooling routine keeps them used to what they know. If you are transitioning your child from public school to homeschool, staying with a routine that they might already be used to may help them in that transition. Sometimes, the fewer disruptions that can occur, the better.


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  • Not setting plans in concrete each and every day gives you and your student the ability to go with the flow that creates the best learning environment for them. Some children just don’t do well with schedules and time constraints, and if that is the case, your child may flourish with a more relaxed routine in terms of daily curriculum and activities.


  • Starting your homeschool each and every day the exact same way is a great way to start not only a routine with your child but also a tradition. And however you want to start your mornings together is totally up to you. It can be something educational such as reading, or independent study time, or something as simple as eating a healthy breakfast and talking about the lesson plans of the day. Your child might love starting their day the same way every morning to help their minds and their body adjust accordingly.


  • If your child seems to struggle to adjust to changes, then setting a routine may be just what they need. Some children love to know what is planned next, while other’s may be more of a free spirit. The beautiful part about being able to homeschool is that you can decipher which way works best for you and your child and then adjust accordingly. Who says that you have to make a decision based on the structure and schedule of your day and have it set in stone? Think of your schedule for your homeschool as a bit of an experiment. Start out without a schedule and see how you and your child adjust. You need to be gauging your reactions just as much as you are trying to gauge how your child will do without a routine since you are the one that is leading and teaching in the homeschool. If you find that you need to have some sort of homeschool routine to stay on track, it’s extremely important to recognize that as well! If having a lax routine seems to be working well for you and your child, great! Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken, right? But if you feel that more structure is needed throughout the day, alter and change accordingly!


As the parent, you ultimately make the decision about whether or not having a homeschool routine is important for you and your child. Pay attention to what works for you both, and what doesn’t and then change the day and plans accordingly. Whatever you end up deciding, make certain it creates a positive and educational environment for you both!


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