Homeschool Schedule High School

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3 Ways To Make A Homeschool Schedule For High School

If you have a teen approaching high school, it might be a good idea to look at a few options for making a homeschool schedule for high school. Don’t let the word schedule intimidate you! It is merely a way to help keep your homeschooler on task and help them to see what they need to complete each day.

Having a schedule will keep your high school student on track and moving forward with their goals. Sure, there will be times when life interrupts, but that’s not a problem. When you have a schedule, your student’s can jump right back in whenever they are ready.

Luckily, homeschooling is flexible! There are many ways to structure a daily routine or schedule for your homeschool. We will cover the most popular with you here in this post; however, if you want more detailed assistance – we recommend our homeschool planning course for more tips when it comes to planning for your unique homeschool and family!

Homeschool Schedule High School

The High School Traditional Schedule

This is probably the most straight forward type of schedule and the one you are the most used to seeing. Simply set up the times your student will be doing school, and then write down the subjects they will be studying in blocks of about sixty minutes.

Each day looks relatively the same, but it’s easy to account for outside activities on certain days of the week.

The High School Block Schedule

Block schedules allow your students to spend concentrated time in a subject so they can stay focused. There are several different options for the block schedules, but our favorites for homeschool students are the following:

  • Full Credit in One Semester. To earn a full credit in one semester, you will schedule a 90-minute class every day for each course you are giving credit in. Generally you can do up to four classes like this.
  • Full Credit in Two Semesters. Like the option above, students study a course in 90-minute increments. In this case, you study those subjects every other day.
  • Core Classes. With the core classes option, students do a block schedule in the mornings for their core classes and then a traditional schedule in the afternoon.

The block schedule is great for students who like to dig into their subjects with minimal interruptions.

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The High School Loop Schedule

Loop schedules are perfect for the more relaxed, eclectic homeschooling family. After you choose the subjects that your high school students will study for the year, list them in order. You can let your student decide. Some may want to put subjects they enjoy more between the ones that aren’t their favorites.

The beauty of the loop schedule is that students can spend as little or as much time needed on an assignment for a class.

The Homeschool High School Schedule

Before you choose any type of high school schedule, you will want to

Once you’ve done a little research, take the time to set up a schedule that works for you and your high school students’ needs. Include your high school student in the planning process so that they will have ownership in the decisions that are made. They will be much more likely to stick with a schedule they have chosen than one you simply hand to them. Discussing it with you will also help then learn how to work with others in order to reach the same goal.

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Our High School Schedule Templates were designed with these different types of schedules in mind. You’ll be able to create one that is perfect for your family.

High School Schedule Template

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