Homeschool Science Kits

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Spark A New Level Of Curiosity With These Homeschool Science Kits

Let’s chat about science experiments; they are a little bit like glitter. Wait, stay with me! Like glitter, some parents encourage the experience while others refrain from it as much as possible. Which parent are you? If you avoid science experiments like the plague, you may want to keep reading. 

Science experiments get a bad rap, but we get it! You have to hunt down all of the supplies, and then it’s likely that you don’t have everything you need, so you have to make a trip to the store to buy some additional items. Or you have everything you need, but you still end up making a mess measuring things out. The absolute worst is when the kids are all excited to do an experiment, and because you are missing that one weird item, the whole family is disappointed. No fun at all! Yeah, we have all been there.

Science Unlocked Homeschool Science Kits for K-12th Grade. Check out these awesome new kits with a balanced blend of hands-on activities and workbook. Perfect for all learning styles! #homeschool #homeschoolscience #sciencecurriculum #homeschoolcurriculum

Science is an important subject, and sadly it happens to be a subject that many families skip in their homeschools. Whether it’s because of the hassle, lack of confidence in teaching science, or maybe mom just doesn’t have the energy for a science experiment at the end of the day – whatever the reason, it’s time to put science back into your homeschool routine. 

Luckily, there is something completely new in the homeschool science world…Science Unlocked! Homeschool Science Kits for families who need a little extra help when it comes to homeschooling science. Get ready to spark a new level of curiosity when it comes to teaching science!

Homeschool Science Kits

Simplify Science With These Homeschool Science Kits

So we have talked about different reasons that science experiments are getting skipped or overlooked. But now, let’s see all of the ways that Science Unlocked can simplify science in your homeschool!

Everything You Need is Inside – Yep! You heard that right. Every single thing you need to complete each experiment is inside the box. This is a game-changer for the moms who struggle to have all the supplies together. (Ahem, I am one of those moms!) I love that you never have to search for anything; it’s all there inside your kit. 

Open and Go – I know, another fantastic feature of Science Unlocked – No Prep! Many curriculums claim to be open and go, but Science Unlocked meets the open and go expectations. When we think of open and go, we think of being able to open the box and dive right into a lesson or experiment – that is precisely what you can do with Science Unlocked Homeschool Science Kits. 

Homeschool Science Kits

Easy To Follow – Since Science Unlocked is a complete curriculum, you will find easy-to-follow daily suggestions to implement into your homeschool. Each day is planned out for your student, and the instructions are clear, so older children can even follow the suggested daily plans on their own if desired. Everything you need to plan your days is included in the teacher guide. I love that each day’s lesson tells you how much time it will take, so you know in advance how much time you should set aside. 

Homeschool Science Kits

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Complete Curriculum – These aren’t just homeschool science kits; it is a comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-12th. Some days, your students may be working through a hands-on experiment, and other days they will work through the student workbook. This creates a nice balance of hands-on activities and text work. 

Homeschool Science KitsHomeschool Science KitsHomeschool Science Kits

Choose What Topics To Study  Planner moms will appreciate this feature; you can choose which topics you want to study and when. Since each kit is topical, moms can pick and choose which topics they want. This would come in handy if you’re going to align a topic in science with maybe a book you are reading aloud, a particular unit study you are working on, or even if you wanted to use the kits along with additional science resources. There is no specific order to follow, so you can choose what homeschool science kits you want based on your child’s current interests. There are so many different kits available you will be sure to find something exciting!

Homeschool Science Kits

Science Unlocked Homeschool Science Kits

Here is just a sample of the topics you can get with Science Unlocked. Remember that there are three levels; Wonder K-2, Accelerate 3-7, and 8-12 Launch.

  • Magnificent Magnification
  • The Light Trap
  • Hungry for Change
  • Making Sense of Senses (This one is so interesting.)
  • Crack the Code
  • Fizz, Foam, and Fire (My boys loved this one!)
  • Good to Glow
  • Contain Your Excitement
  • Newton’s Notions (Our pictures in this post were out of this box, lots of fun!)
  • How’s it Growin’?
  • Ancient Organisms
  • A-Maze-ing Mirrors
  • Game of Survival
  • Keys to Life (We are working through this one now.)

And that’s just a few! See all of the available options here.

Encourages Independent Learning – If you are ready to start encouraging more independent learning in your homeschool, the Science Unlocked kits will help you facilitate that. The older children can follow along and use the kits with minimal oversight if you prefer an independent learning approach. However, the teacher’s guide is such a great resource you can efficiently work through it right along with your children too!

Homeschool Science Kits

Homeschool Science Kits

Perfect for All Types of Learners – Science Unlocked kits are a good fit for all learning styles. Since they have a balanced blend of hands-on activities along with the student workbook, children of all learning styles can enjoy the kits. 

We think that the new Science Unlocked homeschool science kits will be a wonderful addition to all homeschools. They are a well-rounded and balanced complete science curriculum that we encourage you to take a look at! 


Science Unlocked Homeschool Science Kits for K-12th Grade. Check out these awesome new kits with a balanced blend of hands-on activities and workbook. Perfect for all learning styles! #homeschool #homeschoolscience #sciencecurriculum #homeschoolcurriculum

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