Homeschool Science Labs

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How to Complete a Full Year of Homeschool Science Labs in Just 2 Days

I am always one to advocate for the benefits of homeschooling. And there are very few things our homeschooled children may miss out on. Very few! But one of those things is in-person, hands-on science labs for high school. 

Yes, we have science kits and virtual science labs, but if you have a student who needs a high school credit for biology, anatomy, or physiology, you may want to keep reading. 

Your child can complete a year of biology, anatomy, and physiology labs in just two days. I know! It sounds too good to be true, but we did it, and it’s entirely true. 

My daughter is a high school senior, and we decided that this year was a great year to complete the two-day lab intensive with College Prep Science. And we are thrilled with how easy and fun it was! 

So we want to share all the details with our fellow homeschoolers so that you can take advantage of this incredible option too. 

Here is How You Can Complete a Full Year of Homeschool Science Labs in Just 2 Days. Yes, your student can too! #homeschoolscience #sciencelabs #highschoolscience

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Why College Prep Science for Homeschool Science Labs?

We have been using College Prep Science for at least four years, and we absolutely love them. Here are a few reasons we fully support them for your science needs.

  • Professor Landry is an unbelievable teacher! You know those kinds of teachers who are so passionate about what they do that they positively impact those they teach? Yes, he is that kind of teacher. He will leave a lasting impression on your children in such a positive way. He is a Christian homeschool parent too! (I know you will love that.) But I have always respected that he begins class with prayer and teaches from a creation perspective. You can read all about Professor Landry here. 
  • These homeschool science labs are held all over the United States. College Prep Science offers these awesome 2-day lab intensives at various locations throughout the U.S. So, no matter where you live, you will likely find a lab near you. See a complete list of lab locations here. 
  • No prerequisites. If you are concerned about whether or not your homeschooler can attend, worry no more. If your student is in the 7th-12th grade, they can participate. Since Professor Landry gives all the appropriate background information before each lab experiment, your student does not need to have completed biology, anatomy, or physiology to attend an in-person lab intensive. Your student can attend no matter what science courses they have completed or have yet to finish. All homeschooled students are welcome to attend. 

Homeschool Science Labs

Four Things Your Student Will Accomplish in the 2-Day Homeschool Science Lab Intensive:

  1. Hands-on and in-person interaction with the labs. This is perfect for students who crave an in-person class and hands-on interaction with the labs. Virtual labs are great, but if you have a student that would benefit from in-person classes, we highly recommend them. These classes fill up quickly, so your child will meet many fellow homeschool students and enjoy this classroom experience. 
  2. Learning to collect data. Your student will learn and practice collecting data, numbers, observations, and results from all the labs they complete.
  3. How to write a lab report. Professor Landry is a former college professor, so you can feel good that he will help your students learn how to write college-level lab reports. Your student does not need any prior experience with lab reports; College Prep Science will cover all aspects of completing a lab report. 
  4. A full year of homeschool science labs. Students participating in the 2-day science lab intensives will complete a minimum of six science labs with full lab reports. This is in addition to the full-year science lab course information. 

Homeschool Science Labs

These are just a few reasons we love College Prep Science for homeschool science labs. But I encourage you to see for yourself! You can read all of the parent’s and student comments of how many students thought they wouldn’t enjoy science labs, and by the end, they were hooked on biology, anatomy, or physiology! How awesome is that? 

College Prep Science offers elementary through high school science courses, virtual science labs, math, in-person two-day homeschool science labs, and many other fascinating studies. Visit College Prep Science for the entire course catalog. 

Visit College Prep Science Today! Your kids will be glad you did. 

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy

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