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Unlock a Successful Homeschooling Year with These Must-Have Homeschool Supplies

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro, the need for homeschool supplies remains constant every year. Our team, with decades of homeschooling experience across different ages and spaces, has curated a budget-friendly list of supplies to enhance your homeschool. Not all of these are essential, but they sure are handy!

Take it from homeschool moms with decades of homeschooling experience - these are the homeschool supplies that come in handy! #homeschool #homeschoolsupplies


Homeschool Supplies That Come In Handy

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite homeschool supplies that come in handy!

Pencil grips. If you have children that are learning to hold a pencil, these are our favorite pencil grips. They are comfortable and allow your student to take a hold of the pencil easily.








Ticonderoga Pencils. Hands down, we think these are the best pencils you can buy.









Electric Pencil Sharpener. This is a great investment for your homeschool and will keep those pencils sharp without a mess.








Audible. We love Audible for so many reasons. With audible you can enjoy audiobooks as family read alouds or snag books for mom to recharge after a long day. Think about using audible on long car rides or trips to the dentist, either way we think it’s a wonderful investment for your homeschool. Try it out here.

Organization Cart.  We think these are extremely beneficial and can accommodate so many different uses. You can organize supplies, workbox systems, and this lovely cart adds a pop of color into your homeschool space. 







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Enrich your homeschool days! 
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Tempura Paint. Invest in the big bottles of paint to save yourself some money in the long run, this is especially helpful if you enjoy arts and crafts. You will be set for the entire homeschool year.








Customizable Planner. Stop spending money on a new homeschool planner year after year. Invest in a homeschool planner that you can customize to meet the specific needs of your unique homeschool and family. (This one is currently FREE!)

Homeschool Planner






Amazon Prime. Yep, it’s a homeschool mom’s best friend. It is totally worth the investment considering how much time you can save shopping. You will get free shipping on all those read alouds and homeschool curriculum. Start your FREE Trial today!


All In One Printer. Make an investment in a decent printer and you won’t regret it. As homeschoolers, we are always printing and copying, so a good printer can really help your homeschool days flow better. (Go for the wireless option too!)






Dry Erase Pockets. These are great for tracing, art projects and also reusing various homeschool printables.

Globe. Investing in a solid globe is a fantastic way to encourage more hands-on learning in your homeschool. Children enjoy handling a globe and it will help bring so many lessons to life for years to come. Globes can come in handy for history, geography, and learning research skills too.

Tip: Look at the size of the globe before buying. Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices, smaller globes will have smaller print. 


Nature Journals and Drawing Pencils. This is our favorite addition to any homeschool! Enjoy nature and fresh air either routinely or when you just need to switch up a mundane homeschool routine. Exploring nature is a wonderful way to turnaround a bad homeschool day too!

Rolling Cart. Create an awesome rolling art cart or organize your morning time supplies inside. So many possibilities and these carts come in various colors too.

Lastly, don’t forget your local library card. We hope this homeschool year will be your best one yet!

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