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Homeschool Support Groups: The Best Way to Find the Help You Need!

From buildings to bridges, support beams help keep the structures from crumbling under pressure, weight, and even the wind. Homeschool support groups can do the same for you, your kids, and your homeschool. Homeschooling can be hard at times, but when we strengthen one another and help carry the load together, we will continue to stand—even when the weight is heavy and circumstances are less than ideal.

Homeschool Support Groups are a wonderful way to not only connect with others but to get the homeschooling support that you need. Check out the tops 6 homeschool support groups to join. #homeschool #homeschoolsupport #homeschoolgroups #homeschoolhelp

What is Homeschool Support?

Homeschool support is about

  • Helping one another through the hard times
  • Celebrating the wins together
  • Joining forces to make things better
  • Having fun
  • Learning from one another
  • Walking alongside one another

It’s about community. 

Co-ops and Homeschool Groups

Local homeschool groups and co-ops benefit both moms and kids. They come in all shapes and sizes with different purposes, so keep looking if you haven’t found the right fit for your family. Whether you want a group to simply go on field trips together or to share in teaching classes, homeschool support groups provide options that help you work better together.

Local groups give you a place to form friendships—those real life, face-to-face, go-to-the-park together kind of relationships. They help you and your kids feel like you aren’t alone and provide an opportunity to address all those people’s worry about socialization

Don’t have a local group, or one that fits your goals? Consider starting one yourself. We have everything you need to get started in creating your own homeschool support group

Online Support Groups

Sometimes it’s just not possible to participate in a local homeschool group. Or, you may crave a place to connect where you can ask hard questions without fear of judgement. Online support groups may be the perfect answer. 


Here are our 6 favorite groups. There are more and more membership sites, but each of these are FREE on Facebook. 

Your Virtual Homeschool Group

Your Virtual Homeschool Group

We’re starting with our favorite group, of course: Your Virtual Homeschool Group by Homeschool Mastery AcademyWe support community for homeschoolers. Whether you find your homeschool community locally or virtually online, we believe that community is essential to homeschooling. We are excited to provide resources, delightfully different curriculum, and support for homeschool families. 

Homeschool Boldy by Homeschooling Today

Homeschooling Today is a magazine and a community of homeschoolers choosing to cast aside mediocrity and say, “We will enjoy this time with our families, we will let go of fear and take hold of courage. We choose to homeschool boldly!” This group is one way they provide encouragement and practical help for homeschooling families. 

Homeschool Activities Calendar
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Homeschool Boldly is a growing group hosted by the magazine in partnership with Grace Grow Edify, Homeschool Mastery Academy,  and Table Life Blog. The beauty of this group is the fact that you have a team of experienced homeschoolers ready to help you!


Hip Homeschool Moms

Hip Homeschool Moms Community was created by Trish Corlew and Wendy Hilton. This active group has almost 36,000 members. Trish, Wendy, and members post often, ranging in topics from parenting to education to  personal questions. They are a no drama group, so some topics are off limits, but this is a great place to find support for the homeschool life. Although the owners are Christian, everyone is welcome and secular homeschoolers make up a large part of the community. 

Homeschool Successfully: Perfection Not Required

This group is 12,000 members strong. Tauna Meyer describes her group this way, “You can Homeschool Successfully – perfection is not required! This is a Christian homeschool group for moms with great encouragement, tips, and practical help.”


Rock Your Homeschool!

Amy Milcic’s group, Rock Your Homeschool!, “is a non-sectarian Facebook group for positive daily homeschool encouragement & support with a twist of fun for Moms”. Amy is all about bringing FUN into homeschooling. If you want support and suggestions for making homeschool more enjoyable, check it out!


Working Homeschool Mom Club

If you are a working mom, whether inside or outside of the home, this group is for you! Jen Mackinnon has cultivated a group of over 20,000 moms that work and homeschool. So if you have any doubts that it can be done, you are in good company. She offers tons of support and resources that support working homeschool moms.

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Find the Support You Need

Whether it’s in person or online or both, homeschool groups and co-ops will give you the support you need. Support groups give you encouragement, practical help, ideas for teaching, curriculum suggestions, or someone to simply say, “I’ve been there.” They are places to ask questions and find those who will walk alongside you in this rewarding but sometimes difficult journey. We hope you find the ones that are right for YOU!

If you still need further support, check out the best homeschool books to start with, the best homeschool blogs to follow, or grab a FREE quick-start guide to homeschooling.

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