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Homeschool Teacher: Why You Are The Best Person to Teach Your Kids

How can you know that you are equipped to be a homeschool teacher to your kids? It’s just common sense! Teaching your kids doesn’t require special training or a degree in education. You simply need to know these three things:

You are equipped to be a homeschool teacher to your kids! Teaching your kids doesn't require a degree. You simply need to know three things. #homeschoolteacher #homeschoolencouragement #homeschooling #homeeducator

#1 You Have Taught Them Since the Day They Were Born

Did your kids learn to walk? To talk? To use a fork and a spoon? You probably didn’t do it alone, but you helped your kids learn to do each of these things—all without a lesson plan, too!

Most learning happens naturally—through observation, trial and error, and even through play. 


Simple, Natural Ways To Teach Your Kids

Read aloud. Read a variety of books from fiction to non-fiction. Go to the library regularly and let them look for books on topics that interest them. Don’t know what to choose? These books have great suggestions! 

Play games. Children learn so much from playing games—math skills, how to read instructions, how to both win and lose graciously. Games are also great for teaching high level skills like strategy and critical thinking. Cooperative games encourage students to learn to work together. The possibilities truly are endless. 

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Do life together. Planning meals and going to the grocery store, cooking, doing repairs around the house, and even chores will teach your kids both life skills and how all those subjects they study can be applied. Just consider what they learn from cooking alone! Working with fractions, measuring, chemistry, following directions, and nutrition to name a few. 

#2 You Can Learn Alongside of Your Kids

You don’t have to know everything and that is actually really good news. One of the most important skills you can teach your children is how to learn and not just what to learn. When you model what it looks like to be a life-long learner, your kids will be equipped to continue their education long after they graduate from your homeschool. (We have a membership for homeschool families that helps you cultivate a love of learning at home too!) And this leads us into our next point…

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#3 You Can Find Resources & Help

Think of yourself as a facilitator more than a teacher. You help your children find the resources they need instead of trying to know or figure out everything so you can teach them. Take advantage of co-op classes, homeschool groups, local community colleges, or classes taught in your community. Many homeschool curriculum companies offer online classes or computer-based lessons as well! 

And we live in a time when there really is an app for just about anything, so take advantage of technology. 

You Are the Best Teacher For Your Kids

You really are the best teacher for your children. You know them better than anyone else and you can give them a customized education based on their interests, talents, and strengths. Being the “best” isn’t about knowledge or perfection; It’s about a willingness to be your children’s biggest cheerleader and partner in learning. 


For more resources to begin teaching at home, you may want to grab our FREE Quick-Start Guide to Homeschooling and check out this book list to help you learn more about home education. 

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