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The Best Encouragement and Support for Homeschool Teachers

Within the word encouragement we see the word ‘courage,’ which means the ability to face danger and deal with it. To encourage, then, is to help develop that ability in someone, while the ‘ment’ at the end makes that development into a noun, the act of giving courage or support to another.—

At Homeschool Mastery Academy, that’s exactly what we want to do for you! We want to give you the courage to homeschool by giving you the support you need. Your job as a homeschool teacher includes so much more than most people realize, and as homeschoolers ourselves, we know it’s hard—but we hope to make it a bit easier. 

We know you can do this! Why? Because our team of homeschool moms have kids ranging from little ones to students who have graduated college. We’ve seen homeschoolers succeed and that success wasn’t dependent on the teacher’s level of education or experience with the subjects being taught. 


Homeschool Teachers


Homeschooling is about being intentional, facilitating learning, and encouraging your kids along the way. It’s about being their biggest cheerleaders and learning alongside them. And we have no doubt you’re up to the task! We would love to help.

What a Homeschool Teacher Needs

We believe every intentional homeschool teacher needs two things—a plan and support—to facilitate their children’s education. We want to share the affordable and effective resources we have to meet those needs, and give you the encouragement you need. 

Writing Prompts for Elementary

Homeschool Teachers Need a Plan

The Homeschool Mastery Planner. This entirely customizable planner is perfect for the eclectic homeschooler using multiple homeschool styles and resources. Print additional pages anytime you need them—in the order that works for you and set it up any way you like. Need more of a particular planning page? No problem, print extras. 

And because we want you to succeed when it comes to planning, we’ve created a companion workshop to help you set up your planner and have your best homeschool year yet: The Homeschool Planning Workshop

The Homeschool Planning Workshop. Mastering homeschool planning is essential to the overall health of your homeschool. In this workshop we help you limit the chaos, create healthy margins, and enjoy home education with your kids! This workshop lays a foundation that will prove valuable no matter what ages of children you are teaching, no matter what methods and philosophy you embrace. 

My Eclectic Poetry Teatime Planner. Poetry teatime is a fantastic tool for combining multiple ages in your homeschool and slowing down. All ages and learning styles can enjoy it. With our Poetry Teatime Planner, you will thoughtfully plan out homeschool teatime with your entire family in mind.

Homeschool Activities Calendar
Enrich your homeschool days! 
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How To Make A Unit Study. Unit studies are a wonderful, versatile tool for blending more subjects into one topic and combining multiple ages in your homeschool. You can customize the content for various learning styles and work well for interest led and topical studies. With our Unit Study Builder Workbook, you will strategically plan out homeschool topical studies with your entire family in mind.

Homeschool Looping Workbook. Strategically plan out homeschool looping with your entire family in mind with our Eclectic Looping Workbook. Looping schedules can help make the most of your days while having more fun homeschooling! This workbook shares what looping is and how to create loops that work within your home and homeschool. Loops are a fantastic way to incorporate more into your homeschool days without sacrificing a quality education for your children. 

Eclectic Morning Time Workbook. Homeschoolers are making the most of their mornings by planning out morning time routines. For good reason too. Most of us and our children are better learners in the morning, so it only makes sense to cultivate a routine to get the majority of meaningful learning done first thing. Strategically plan out homeschool mornings with your entire family in mind with our Eclectic Morning Time Workbook. By using our eclectic approach, you can blend all and any of your favorite homeschool resources and methods for your best eclectic homeschool mornings yet.

High School Schedule Templates. We have created three different homeschool high school templates for you to get the most out of your homeschool experience. Homeschooling is flexible, and there are multiple ways to set up your homeschool days. With our High School Schedule Templates, you can easily plan out your homeschooler’s high school day and help them to stay on task. This is perfect for older students who are working independently too! 

Homeschool Teachers

Homeschool Teachers Need Support

Homeschool Coaching. If you need something more personalized and help targeting specific issues you are dealing with, coaching may be exactly what you need. Courtney’s experience with teaching her own kids coupled with years of helping others do the same has equipped her to help you solve your biggest struggles and set you up a plan for success.

Homeschool Groups & Co-ops. We believe that community is essential, and we want to help you build a well-run homeschool community. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of resources to help you start or lead a homeschool group or co-op. 

Your Virtual Homeschool Group. If you can, we believe real, in-person, face-to-face community is essential. But there are times that’s just not possible. Our facebook group offers you the chance to ask real questions, discover our best tips and resources, and find encouragement from like-minded homeschool moms. 

Help for Homeschooling. Our blog includes both subject specific and general help for your homeschool journey. You’ll find curriculum reviews, teaching tips and ideas, and encouragement along the way.  

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Affordable Curriculum and Resources for Homeschool Teachers 

Yes, there’s a real cost to homeschooling, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.  We offer quality, affordable resources for the eclectic homeschooler. Coupled with our planning and support tools you’ll have everything you need to homeschool successfully in a way that works for your unique family

As a homeschool teacher, you are juggling a lot. The good news: You have to do it alone! Let us help.

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy


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