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The Easiest Way For You To Make The Perfect Homeschool Transcript

The thought of creating a homeschool transcript can easily send parents into a tailspin. What do you include? If the transcript isn’t perfect, will it affect my student’s chances of getting into college? Making a homeschool transcript can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

Well, we were recently introduced to a life-saver for most homeschool parents,, and we can’t wait to share all of the impressive details with you! 

If you are unsure about creating a homeschool transcript on your own or feeling overwhelmed, we encourage you to take the easy route! #homeschooltranscript #homeschooltranscripts #homeschoolrecords #homeschoolhelp #homeschool #homeschoolhighschool

Who Is A Good Fit For

  • Any homeschool parent who is afraid of messing up their child’s homeschool transcript is a perfect fit for Many of us have a fear of ruining our teen’s transcript, but helps to eliminate all of the guesswork so you can feel confident about your student’s future. 
  • Any homeschool parent who wants a professional-looking homeschool transcript will love the outcome after using Can you handwrite or type up your own transcript? Sure, you can, but if you want to make sure that your child’s transcript is as error-free as possible, you can rely on the software from
  • Homeschool parents with a high school student who is interested in applying to multiple colleges. With, you can send your transcript to over 4,300 colleges and universities by e-filing! 
  • Parents who need a homeschool transcript to transfer to a public or private school can also benefit from services. Besides the high school transcript option, you can make an elementary or middle school transcript too! 
  • Parents who like to keep good records of their homeschool students and grades will love being able to keep a record of each student for homeschool portfolio meetings and more. 

Homeschool Transcript

Benefits of Using to Make Your Homeschool Transcript:

Extremely easy to use. With, you do not need any experience to create a professional homeschool transcript that you can be proud of. You simply enter your information in a guided format, and you will end up with a well-formed homeschool transcript.

Affordable. The pricing plans at are super affordable for all homeschool families, starting at $7.95 per month for a professional transcript along with an error-catching audit that will flag over 700 of the most common mistakes. Another benefit worth mentioning is that you can cancel your subscription anytime and not lose any of your student’s data! Yep. That’s right, even if you decide to cancel, you can resubscribe and pick right back up wherever you left off. How cool is that? 

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E-Transcripts. Now available to homeschoolers, you can send secure watermarked or digital transcripts directly from the Homeschool Clearinghouse to 4,397 colleges & universities. 

No more guesswork. You know all of those questions we may not be 100% sure about? How many credits is a particular subject worth? Or, how do I calculate a GPA? How do I indicate dual-credit courses on a transcript? With, you won’t need to have any of these answers memorized. Not only will guide you through the process and collect all of the information you will need to make a professional transcript, but the transcript audit will catch any errors you may have missed. 

Homeschool Transcript

If you are unsure about creating a homeschool transcript, we encourage you to take the easy route and give a try! With a 30-Day Free Trial, you can’t go wrong. 

Grab Your 30-Day Free Trial HERE! (no credit card required)

Homeschool Transcripts Service

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