Homeschooling with Legos

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Creative Out of the Box Ideas for Homeschooling with Legos

If you have kids over the age of three, chances are you have a big box of Legos sitting around the house, too. Kids love playing with the blocks and figurines that come with these sets. They can make so many things with them such as homes, animals, robots, machines, cars, boats and spaceships. With so many different Lego sets to choose from, there is something for boys and girls of all ages. You should totally be homeschooling with Legos!

They are known for encouraging creative play and for creating hours of fun, but they also make a great learning tool for homeschoolers.

Homeschooling With Legos


Here Are Some Creative Ideas To Start Homeschooling With Legos:

Make history fun – Buy lego sets and figures from different time periods. Use them to learn about those periods in time or build replicas of some of the most famous landmarks you’re learning about in class.

Improve spelling skills – Buy a pack or two of small letters and stick them on one side of the blocks. Then have your students spell out words using the Legos or put words on them and they can make sentences. Kids can also write short stories about the things they build.

Use them to help build social skills – When the kids or the whole family get together and build things, they learn how to be a team player. They learn how to compromise and work together to achieve the desired results. When kids have to share their legos (especially the special pieces) with siblings, they get a great lesson in the importance of sharing.

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Improve critical thinking and problem solving skills – Legos help kids learn how to build stable structures and figure out the best way to create different designs through experimentation. Working with legos also helps to build fine motor skills.

Use them as a fun way to introduce kids to science – Did you know that you can buy special kits from LEGO Education designed with science in mind? They contain models for students to construct in all areas of science from physics to engineering. These kits will help kids expand their knowledge in these areas.

Teach or enhance math skills – Use Legos to teach addition, subtraction and multiplication. Build structures and use them to learn about measurements and volume. Younger students can use a ruler to measure the height and length of the structures but you can get a little more creative for older kids. Have them create structures based on the answers to math problems. Invest in a set of scales to teach kids about weights and balance and use the different colors to create and teach kids about patterns.

Use Legos in writing – Most of us overlook homeschooling with Legos when it comes to teaching writing. But Legos are perfect for visual writing prompts and even serve as an example of how we can better teach writing.

These are just a few of the ways to incorporate legos into your homeschool curriculum. Once you get started, you might be surprised at some of the ideas you come up with. One thing is for sure, they’re a fun way to get your homeschooler interested in learning all types of subjects from math to science.

How do you use Legos in your homeschool?

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