Johnny Appleseed for Kids

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The Most Simple Ways to Learn About Johnny Appleseed for Kids

National Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated March 11 and/or September 26. Making either one of those days a fantastic opportunity to discover more about Johnny Appleseed for kids!

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With our exclusive unit study, you can dive into the history of Johnny Appleseed with your student or learn together as a family. You will learn about the life and facts of Johnny Appleseed, learn the Johnny Appleseed song, as well as learn and define new vocabulary words.

You will cover geography, poetry writing, and enjoy a creative writing prompt. The math portion of our unit study covers multiple levels if you have learners ranging in age; with everything from counting, coloring, and apple word problems.

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Johnny Appleseed Study for Kids

We even include an apple tracing or coloring sheet for your youngest of homeschoolers. This unit study is perfect to engage the whole family!


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Johnny Appleseed for Kids

Johnny Appleseed Companion Study Activities

  • Enjoy identifying types of apples, cutting them open and counting the seeds.
  • Talk about apple facts; how long apple trees can produce fruit or cut apples into halves or slices and let the kids stamp paint with them.
  • Make play dough apples.
  • Draw or paint apples and apple trees.
  • Make candy apples.
  • Add apple art lessons.
  • Bake an apple pie.
  • Make applesauce.
  • Plant an apple tree.
  • Explore how many different cultivars of apples are in existence.

Recommended Kids Books for Johnny Appleseed & Apples

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